Tyson turns 7!

It's been almost 2 months and it still seems crazy that Tyson is 7.  He looks taller and more grown up every day.

I told Tyson that I will do everything I can to eat lunch with him at school on his birthday every year. So far I'm 2 for 2. What a goofball. And may I say, first graders are SO different than Kindergartners! Apparently the ability to read turns their lunch conversations into totally different topics ;)
Tyson wanted his party to be at Chuck E Cheese again. Almost the entire family made it, and he had a good showing of friends too!

Neighbor/ best bud Tristan. I promise Tyson was having fun ;)

An example of how kind hearted Tyson is. He had a Thor cake, which was his FIFTH choice at the bakery. We ordered his cake ahead of time, and they still couldn't get the first FOUR decorating kits that he picked. Seriously?? Instead of being mad/ annoyed, he insisted he was happy with it, even though he's never seen Thor movies. Sweet kid.

Tyson got a TON of Legos again. There have been lots of sessions similar to this putting them together. Now we just need some way to store them... our dining room is currently lego land.

This was unexpected and very sweet. Caleb and Tyson are 3 months apart and are generally inseparable when they're together, but we caught Caleb and Hailey playing together for a bit. They got along great and we got a kick out of them playing together.

Tyson is such a sweet kid. He's doing SO well in school, and makes us proud in so many ways. He's reading above a 1st grade level and got a reading award for the 1st semester this year.  His teacher tells us that he just wants to stay busy learning all day :)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYSON!!!



Yes, it's January and I'm putting up our Thanksgiving pictures.  We'll actually start the week before Thanksgiving, when Hailey's school hosted their annual Thanksgiving day feast.  This year we invited Jammy and Papa to come and they were able to make it!

Surprise! Hailey didn't know they would be coming!
Thanksgiving this year was with the Torno side of the family. For some reason I never remember to take pictures when the family is all together, but I did grab my camera when some of the guys and kids decided to play football after the meal.  I wish I had brought sporty clothes so I could play too!

They even let Hailey play until she had enough :)
Trey (white shirt on the left), one of Steve's cousins, was an all-star with the kids. He kept them entertained outside in the afternoon, and even softly tackled them playing tag. Tyson was also obsessed with Uncle Tim and Aunt Dorthy's dog, Star.   I wish I had taken a picture of him with her.  She was in the garage, and he would stay out there with her, talk to her, and keep her company as much as he could.

They had a lot of fun.

Grandpa set up this slot car track in the garage... always awesome!

Tyson had a huge milestone on this trip - he went hunting with Daddy and Grandpa, and they got a nice 9 point buck!  He was in the blind with Daddy, who said he was an all-star. They brought the iPad because they didn't know how Tyson would do, but he never picked it up or asked for it.  Daddy said he was really into it, very quiet, and on the lookout until they saw their buck!

Full camo including war paint! Beautiful buck!

Grandma always has bath crayons for the kids.
I also got to shoot handguns for the first time! We went to Sharp Shooter, which is just around the corner from Grandma and Grandpa's house. They even had black friday deals going, and we didn't have to pay a lane fee and got half off ammo.  I shot a few different 9mm Glock's and Shane's .40.  I loved it once I got my sound cancelling headphones on right.

Might be a new must-do on every trip there...

Playing in the laundry cabinet
Thanksgiving was fun, we got to stay for 5 days. We even got to go see the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie one night!