Hailey had a weekend 'o birthday parties in September, and they were both tons of fun. First, she went to a cowgirl party at a horse ranch.

Birthday girl Alyssa is on the left. Hailey's teacher from the 3 year old room made a surprise appearance (next to her). Ms. Davy.  OH. MY. The kids all LOVE her and the parents do too!  She's teaching first grade now though :/
On Sunday afternoon (week 1 of NFL season btw... during the Packer game... *cough* sacrifices *cough*), Hailey had another birthday party for another one of her good buddies at Sweet N Sassy.  This was a first for us and wow, girly to the max! 

If you haven't had the pleasure of attending one of these, first they choose a princess costume. Then they get pampered and put on a fashion show, and do some fun dances.  I'll also mention that Hailey showed up to the party in her Rapunzel dress, but opted to change to Snow White.

Might need to work on gracefulness :)

Here we go again!

Mommy and Daddy got to attend an Aggie game!!!  LOVE College Station and especially our Aggie Football!  Thanks Uncle Tim & Aunt Dorthy, Grandma & Grandpa, and also Jammy & Papa for entertaining our kiddos while we went!

Tyson started flag football!!  (Actually in mid August).  His team is the Pearland Raiders.  In this picture he's in the white jersey closest to the camera (and looking at the camera).  His team is pretty awesome. More on that later. 

This game was in Galveston.  Yes, Galveston! At 8:30 AM!
This game happened to be at a school 2 BLOCKS from the seawall.  So, after destroying the team we were playing, we capitalized on the location and went to Stewart Beach for a couple of hours after the game.  We thought about going to Pleasure Pier but it was actually too early (imagine that)!  We had low expectations but were pleasantly surprised by the beach and the accommodations they have there.

The waves were high that day because a storm was on its way, so we spent a little time in the waves and then came back towards the shallow part. The kids really loved it. Tyson thanked me for bringing them about every 5 minutes, literally :)  I guess we'll have to work the beach into the summer activity rotation!

We left around lunch time and barely made it ahead of the storm. It caught up to us on the drive home.  I know - you'd never guess from this picture, but there was nasty rain very close!!

September was a fun month filled with football, flag football, and birthday parties!

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Jammy said...

Amazing birthday parties these days!! Congrats to Tyson's team, and glad they enjoyed Galveston beaches. You and Nick did when you were little, too.