Happy Halloween!

The kids figured out what they wanted to be for Halloween in early October and never wavered one bit. Hope that continues in the future years!

This was earlier in the month. Fooled ya.

Tuesday before Halloween activities...
After Mommy gutted the pumpkins, they each carved their own pumpkins completely on their own!

Time for the big day!!
This year we had Snake Eyes (from G.I. Joe) and Dorothy!

Me playing with a blurry picture

Dorothy left Toto at home so she could use her basket to collect candy!

Snake eyes stayed in character and had some pretty sweet sword moves.
Tyson's jack-o-lantern

Hailey's jack-o-lantern (it's a square on the left and a ghost on the right, in case you couldn't tell ;))

Mommy's jack-o-lantern! I completely took a stab at this expecting it to be terrible.  I might have been a little over-excited when I saw the finished product!  Now I'm going to challenge myself each year.

We added this guy this year.  He shakes and makes creepy sounds when you touch him or walk by. We tried him out at Target and couldn't resist!

All done!
Trick or treating gets more fun with these two every year.  Hopefully we'll have better weather next year - it was rainy and gross this time!


Anonymous said...

I was really impressed with the costumes and the jack-o-lanterns. Grandpa T.

Courtney Squillante said...

The kids look adorable and I'm way impressed with your pumpkin!!

Jammy said...

Great Halloween fun! Love all the decorations, Jack-O-Lanterns and great costumes.

The Moriarty Family said...

LOVE both costumes, they look so cute! T looks so tall! You're pumpkin rocks!!!!