Froberg's Farm

We've been going to Froberg's Farm the past few years to get pumpkins, take pics of the kids, etc. Every year they expand and add more activities.  This year, they added a corn maze and all kinds of games that you can do.

We took a "hayride" AKA trailer with wooden benches to the corn maze! There was a pumpkin track and a spider track. We did both.  Tyson was our map navigator and even got us through the super tricky spider maze!

I had to interrupt the navigation for this photo op.

We took the "hayride" back to the farm and played the new games they had set up.

Unlimited duck races for 1 ticket!

 Bouncy horse races - they raced 3 times!

Turtle face paint and Ariel tattoo
We love this place. It's close, run very well, NOT overcrowded, and we always come away smiling and with some extra produce and yummy sausage that they make!  Happy October!


Anonymous said...

As evidenced by your latest blogs, the kids have had some really exciting experience. I'm glad however, they still like to go to the "farm" for some laid back fun from time to time. Thanks for all that you do with them and thanks for sharing. Grandpa T.

Jammy said...

Looks like a great place. Glad you could go again!