Happy Halloween!

The kids figured out what they wanted to be for Halloween in early October and never wavered one bit. Hope that continues in the future years!

This was earlier in the month. Fooled ya.

Tuesday before Halloween activities...
After Mommy gutted the pumpkins, they each carved their own pumpkins completely on their own!

Time for the big day!!
This year we had Snake Eyes (from G.I. Joe) and Dorothy!

Me playing with a blurry picture

Dorothy left Toto at home so she could use her basket to collect candy!

Snake eyes stayed in character and had some pretty sweet sword moves.
Tyson's jack-o-lantern

Hailey's jack-o-lantern (it's a square on the left and a ghost on the right, in case you couldn't tell ;))

Mommy's jack-o-lantern! I completely took a stab at this expecting it to be terrible.  I might have been a little over-excited when I saw the finished product!  Now I'm going to challenge myself each year.

We added this guy this year.  He shakes and makes creepy sounds when you touch him or walk by. We tried him out at Target and couldn't resist!

All done!
Trick or treating gets more fun with these two every year.  Hopefully we'll have better weather next year - it was rainy and gross this time!


Froberg's Farm

We've been going to Froberg's Farm the past few years to get pumpkins, take pics of the kids, etc. Every year they expand and add more activities.  This year, they added a corn maze and all kinds of games that you can do.

We took a "hayride" AKA trailer with wooden benches to the corn maze! There was a pumpkin track and a spider track. We did both.  Tyson was our map navigator and even got us through the super tricky spider maze!

I had to interrupt the navigation for this photo op.

We took the "hayride" back to the farm and played the new games they had set up.

Unlimited duck races for 1 ticket!

 Bouncy horse races - they raced 3 times!

Turtle face paint and Ariel tattoo
We love this place. It's close, run very well, NOT overcrowded, and we always come away smiling and with some extra produce and yummy sausage that they make!  Happy October!



Hailey had a weekend 'o birthday parties in September, and they were both tons of fun. First, she went to a cowgirl party at a horse ranch.

Birthday girl Alyssa is on the left. Hailey's teacher from the 3 year old room made a surprise appearance (next to her). Ms. Davy.  OH. MY. The kids all LOVE her and the parents do too!  She's teaching first grade now though :/
On Sunday afternoon (week 1 of NFL season btw... during the Packer game... *cough* sacrifices *cough*), Hailey had another birthday party for another one of her good buddies at Sweet N Sassy.  This was a first for us and wow, girly to the max! 

If you haven't had the pleasure of attending one of these, first they choose a princess costume. Then they get pampered and put on a fashion show, and do some fun dances.  I'll also mention that Hailey showed up to the party in her Rapunzel dress, but opted to change to Snow White.

Might need to work on gracefulness :)

Here we go again!

Mommy and Daddy got to attend an Aggie game!!!  LOVE College Station and especially our Aggie Football!  Thanks Uncle Tim & Aunt Dorthy, Grandma & Grandpa, and also Jammy & Papa for entertaining our kiddos while we went!

Tyson started flag football!!  (Actually in mid August).  His team is the Pearland Raiders.  In this picture he's in the white jersey closest to the camera (and looking at the camera).  His team is pretty awesome. More on that later. 

This game was in Galveston.  Yes, Galveston! At 8:30 AM!
This game happened to be at a school 2 BLOCKS from the seawall.  So, after destroying the team we were playing, we capitalized on the location and went to Stewart Beach for a couple of hours after the game.  We thought about going to Pleasure Pier but it was actually too early (imagine that)!  We had low expectations but were pleasantly surprised by the beach and the accommodations they have there.

The waves were high that day because a storm was on its way, so we spent a little time in the waves and then came back towards the shallow part. The kids really loved it. Tyson thanked me for bringing them about every 5 minutes, literally :)  I guess we'll have to work the beach into the summer activity rotation!

We left around lunch time and barely made it ahead of the storm. It caught up to us on the drive home.  I know - you'd never guess from this picture, but there was nasty rain very close!!

September was a fun month filled with football, flag football, and birthday parties!


Disney wrap up

Ok, so I didn't plan on taking a 6 week hiatus from the blog... let's finish this Disney stuff so I can move on to the other events that need to be on here!

Day 5: Hollywood Studios

Got to the park and went to sign the kids up for Jedi training.  Went to the Indiana Jones show, rode a few rides and then it started DOWNPOURING.  Luckily we were close to our lunch reservations at the Disney Junior lunch.  It was fine but was our least favorite character meal.  They just weren't rotating well and we had to ask the manager to have them come around because we'd been there an hour and it was time to go to Jedi training.

We rushed out of there and ran, literally, to Jedi training.  The kids checked in and got in line for their robes.
Hailey is behind the little girl in the front left. Tyson is to the right of the door in back with a maroon shirt on.
Learning Jedi skills!

Ready for Darth Vader? I know a little girl who is about to make a swift exit (blondie in the middle)
Poor Hailey - after Darth Vader was out for a few seconds, I noticed her little shoulders shaking and she was just standing there sobbing.  Steve got over there as fast as he could and rescued her.  They still gave her a Jedi certificate.  Awww.

Tyson defeats Vader!

They all defeated Darth Vader! And none switched to the dark side.

Still unsure of what happened up there with that big dude in black with the mask.
The kids made custom light sabers (Mommy and Daddy might play with them sometimes too)!  We rode lots of good roller coasters here but took a break to go home, knowing we'd come back later at night for a show and more rides.  That's when the drama ensued... we realized Hailey's lovey, her most prized possession, was missing.  After some brainstorming we realized she left it at the bus stop at the hotel in the morning.  Mommy went searching all over the place and ended up putting in a lost and found request.  What were the chances of really finding it?  We went back and rode Rock N Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror, and watched the show.  Hailey made it through that night with  no lovey.

Day 6:  Typhoon Lagoon  

Awesome water park.  Hailey pooped out around lunch time so Daddy took her back to the hotel while Mommy and Tyson stayed and got our butts whipped by the tidal wave pool.  I'm not sure that should be legal... luckily I made Tyson wear a life jacket before we went in and I might have needed to also!  Sheesh!  Fun but after about 6 strong tidal waves we'd had enough.  Also - this was the first day all week that the sun was out, so EVERYONE was at the water park.  We eventually headed back.  Daddy asked if we could try one more time to find lovey, so I called the front desk.  No luck.  They were very sympathetic, and told me she could pick a similar lovey from the gift shop, and they'd comp it.  Instead of that, I figured I'd walk up to the front desk in case that would make someone look a little harder.  Guess what... they were pretty sure they had FOUND IT!!  They said a manager would be bringing it to our room "shortly."  We were planning on leaving in about an hour to head to magic kingdom, so no problem!

It was almost time to go and Daddy made a good point - we shouldn't leave until they bring it. What if they need someone there to receive it and agree it's the right item?  So about 2 minutes before we wanted to leave... KNOCK KNOCK!!! The manager was standing there and she had HAILEY'S LOVEY!!!  NO WAY!!!  Daddy and I were so happy and relieved.  I don't think Hailey realized how lucky she was to actually get it back.  Thank you Disney!

We headed to Magic Kingdom with plans of riding a few things we'd missed the other days and watching the light parade/ fireworks.  We made it to the Toy Story ride again, the orbiter way up high, the carousel (Hailey had been coveting a ride on it all week), got some snacks and headed to the castle.

We waited for a few minutes and the kids told us they were tired and wanted to go to bed.  On our way out we heard the light parade was canceled due to some technical issue anyway.  I'm glad they were honest instead of powering through it and turning into complete monsters.

The next morning was our last day.  We packed our things and checked our bags at the hotel, then headed to Epcot to ride Test Track. We made it through this time without it breaking!! It was a fun ride.  We ate lunch at the aquarium and then rode the ride inside the big silver ball (can you tell I'm tired and trying to finish this?), then went back to the hotel and headed to the airport!  I have all kinds of pictures from Disney but I won't put you all through any more for now!  Thank you Disney!  What a fun trip!