Disney Day 4 - Magic Kingdom II

Back to Magic Kingdom! We got in early again since our breakfast in Cinderella's castle had been rescheduled.  The morning started with a family picture with Cinderella inside the castle. Then, we headed up to the dining area!

Both kids were most enamored by the princesses. First up, Snow White

Aurora, i.e. Sleeping Beauty (learning moment for us!)

Ariel, as a human this time

After breakfast, we headed out to ride the roller coasters. We rode Big Thunder Mountain 3 TIMES in a row!  It really pays to get there early for the character breakfast!

As we were walking around, we ran into Jessie and Woody. Of course we had to stop for them.

We rode a lot of the "classic" rides - Peter Pan, It's a Small World, the raceway, etc. Still love those too.

Rapunzel's tower was still under construction, so we had to head all the way up to the entrance to see her.  Since she's Hailey's favorite princess, this was a must-do!

Waiting in line. Showing off her "big gift" that she chose - a personalized parasol!

Even if Rapunzel wasn't Hailey's favorite princess beforehand, I think she would have stolen the show anyways. She was one of the best with the kids.

Aurora was also at that character stop.

Cinderella was there too, and could compete with Rapunzel for "who is the most fun with the kids".
She had both kids posing different ways. I couldn't choose so I included almost all of them (sorry, but not really :))

We were kind of worn out at this point so we went home to rest a little.  We also had a big dinner coming up that night that was a little bit of a trek to get to. It was fun though - very similar to Fogo De Chao which is right up our alley! MEAT!

There was a lady with a ukelele who gathered up all the kids and had them do a little dance around the restaurant.
Magic Kingdom day #2 was definitely a hit!  Still more to come...

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Jammy said...

Love these pictures, Ginny! What a special day for them. They must have enjoyed all of this...they look so happy. :)