Disney Day 4 - Magic Kingdom II

Back to Magic Kingdom! We got in early again since our breakfast in Cinderella's castle had been rescheduled.  The morning started with a family picture with Cinderella inside the castle. Then, we headed up to the dining area!

Both kids were most enamored by the princesses. First up, Snow White

Aurora, i.e. Sleeping Beauty (learning moment for us!)

Ariel, as a human this time

After breakfast, we headed out to ride the roller coasters. We rode Big Thunder Mountain 3 TIMES in a row!  It really pays to get there early for the character breakfast!

As we were walking around, we ran into Jessie and Woody. Of course we had to stop for them.

We rode a lot of the "classic" rides - Peter Pan, It's a Small World, the raceway, etc. Still love those too.

Rapunzel's tower was still under construction, so we had to head all the way up to the entrance to see her.  Since she's Hailey's favorite princess, this was a must-do!

Waiting in line. Showing off her "big gift" that she chose - a personalized parasol!

Even if Rapunzel wasn't Hailey's favorite princess beforehand, I think she would have stolen the show anyways. She was one of the best with the kids.

Aurora was also at that character stop.

Cinderella was there too, and could compete with Rapunzel for "who is the most fun with the kids".
She had both kids posing different ways. I couldn't choose so I included almost all of them (sorry, but not really :))

We were kind of worn out at this point so we went home to rest a little.  We also had a big dinner coming up that night that was a little bit of a trek to get to. It was fun though - very similar to Fogo De Chao which is right up our alley! MEAT!

There was a lady with a ukelele who gathered up all the kids and had them do a little dance around the restaurant.
Magic Kingdom day #2 was definitely a hit!  Still more to come...


Disney day 3: Animal Kingdom

Next up - Animal Kingdom. We went straight to the safari.

Waiting for the bus to pick us up.

The safari was really awesome. We highly recommend it.  We got close to a lot of animals in natural habitats. Here's just a few of the pics.

rhino - saw these guys a few times.

lots of giraffes - love them.
Our guide was great, he was totally into his job and made corny jokes throughout the tour. Added bonus.

can't go wrong with these guys either.

this is some kind of ancient, awesome tree (sorry Grammy I don't remember the name!)

white flamingos

lions. so we were that close. the guide actually said to not make sudden movements or noises at this part. nice!

love these guys too!

there were ponds that were just STOCKED with fish. I'm not sure how many were in there but it was an insane amount.

up close to some gorillas

lots of pretty scenery and bridges in this park!

we were told this is a "real concrete tree."

The daily rain session came earlier that day, before lunch time.  This time, instead of a "friendly" rain, it was a complete downpour.  Daddy took the hit for us and went out looking for ponchos while we hid in an AWESOME playground, the boneyard (we were told ahead of time it was the best playground at Disney).  We really appreciated the ponchos, but some water damage had already been done, and we went to our character lunch at Tusker House a little drippy...

We didn't even notice though, because the lunch was awesome.  They really know what they're doing at this restaurant.  The characters were on a really good rotation - they came around right when we got there, gave us a break while we ate, and came around AGAIN while we were finishing up.  Nice!!
Goofy might have been our most-seen character throughout the trip.

Safari Mickey

Daisy - Hailey was excited despite her face


Playing in the boneyard again later on
Daddy and Tyson rode a crazy roller coaster during a rain break.  It got to the point where the rain wasn't letting up so we headed home.  Hailey rested while mommy and Tyson went swimming at the hotel.  We went back inside and put their new Legos together when the rain picked back up.  Finally, around dinner time, it stopped raining so we all went swimming at the hotel and had fun on the big slide. Animal Kingdom was a hit, but we'll need to go back again on another trip to really explore all of it.


Disney day 2: EPCOT

Monday was EPCOT day.  We started the day at Test Track.  If you haven't been, you basically get to design your own vehicle and then run it through a set of tests, including a 60 mph drive on a racetrack.  Daddy went to Soarin' to get fast passes, so the kids and I went through the line without Daddy.  He would catch back up in a few minutes.

This was the car the kids designed. Pretty awesome!
We were waiting in line to test drive our car, when they announced the ride was having trouble.  A few minutes later I got a text from Daddy saying he was stuck on the ride!  He had gone through the single rider line and ended up ahead of us.  What are the chances... two days in a row we hit busts on our first activity of the day.  After about 30 minutes Daddy got off and we all got a fast pass good any time for the next 7 days.

We met Chip and Dale
We rode Soarin - awesome ride.  Also went to the Crush comedy hour and aquariums.

First Mickey sighting!

They were excited to see Pluto. Even though they've barely seen him on TV :)

Minnie! She was tiny. And she was flirting with Daddy. :)

Waiting for the boat to take us to lunch in Italy... awesome lunch.

Thank you Disney for censoring this statue

We saw Goofy on the way out of the park... they REALLY wanted to see Goofy!

We made an early exit this day. Hailey was really tired. We ended up getting free passes to come back later in the week so we could ride Test Track.

After a rest at the hotel, we headed to Blizzard Beach, one of the Disney water parks.  We loved it.  The kids rode everything, including a zip line that dumped the kids in the water (Hailey was by far the smallest kid to ride it... they even made a call before her first ride, guess she made them nervous!).  I think our kids could live at a water park if it worked out.  They're in their element every time we go to one.  Overall, Epcot was fun, but we were bigger fans of Magic Kingdom.