Spring highlights

Here's a fly-by of our Spring activities that aren't already in here.  Time to catch up!

Jonah's birthday party!  Yes, this was in April.  I know.

The lion picked a zoo party! Perfect!

I love this picture. Very rare opportunity to get both of my grandmothers together. Love them!

Cousins (and a random kid) watching the sea lions, one of our favorites! Love that Jonah has his lion mask on :)
In April, mommy had to go to San Francisco for a conference.  I hadn't been there since we lived there, back when I was 3.  I really liked that city.  It's a good thing it's astronomically expensive to live there or I may have found a way for us all to move there (assuming Daddy wanted to of course:).  Now I need to find a way to get Daddy there sometime too!  I included just a few pics.


Golden Gate Bridge

Trolley car - we rode these a few times :)

Lombard Ave. Not really possible to get a good pic at ground level.
 Loved this Pier. I think Tyson would too. They do this every day.

Moms and Muffins with Hailey

She painted her own fingers and toes for the first time. And Tyson photo bombed!

I have to say, she did better than I thought she would!

First french braid! Mommy's still got it :)
 We went to Corpus for family and birthday time. The kids did a hurricane simulator for the first time at the Aquarium with cousin Hannah - I think they liked it!

You can tell by their non-enthusiastic faces that they must have known what would happen.  Oh well.  We love our SPURS no matter what!

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Jammy said...

Good memories of San Francisco! Would be fun to visit again. Hailey sure DID do a great job on her nails. I like the different colors, too!