Kindergarten graduation

Tyson's school does an awards ceremony instead of the graduations that some other schools do.  Mommy and Daddy both got to escape work to attend.  Each teacher called their kids up and gave them 2 awards in different subject areas.  Tyson's awards were in reading and writing.  He's also a math whiz so we're assuming that was a close 3rd.

We are so proud of Tyson and how well he did in Kindergarten.  He's reading on a first grade level already and did great in all of his subjects.  He loved it too, and asks almost daily when he can go back.  We're excited to see what first grade brings for him!

Video of him getting his awards - it's kind of quiet but thought we'd include it anyways!

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Jammy said...

Congrats, Tyson! Glad you're loving school. We sure are proud of you!