Hailey is 4!!

Our Hailey turned 4 in July!  Her favorite birthday party spot turned into a childcare facility, so we had to find a new bounce house place.  She also would have been happy with a dress up party, but wasn't OK with limiting the number of friends to invite for that.  LOL.

Below that red covering is a vertical climbing wall - nice and easy for people under 5 feet tall :/

Caleb was able to join us! This was my favorite picture of the boys,they didn't want to sit still for a pic :)

Navigating through the huge bouncey

Giant basketball!

Hailey with her buddy Alyssa and Emma

Hurricane simulator... I love Alyssa's face

Lily had a blast!

Birthday girl taking a short rest

Most of the kids

Birthday girl!

Nice kid pic :)

Here's a preview of the next posts coming up - this really came in handy when it was time to meet real princesses!

We can't believe that Hailey is 4.  She's such a big girl, has a huge personality, and we love her to death!!  Happy Birthday Hailey Bear :)

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Jammy said...

It's obvious she loved her party! It was a great time! Special girl. :)