Disney - Magic Kingdom

We've been laying low on vacations the past few years, and had the opportunity to take the kids to Disney World in July.  First off, I'll start by saying I did minimal planning - most of our trip was planned by one of my cousins, who is a Disney Magic Maker.  I HIGHLY recommend her.  If you are thinking about going on a Disney trip, let me know and I can put you in touch. More details about her coming in the trip posts!

We flew in on a Saturday afternoon and spent that day exploring Downtown Disney.  For some reason I seriously underestimated how big that place was.  We walked forever in the rain and later realized we could have ridden the shuttle one more stop to get to the LEGO store. Lesson learned. We checked out a few more stores, got some ice cream, and headed back to explore our hotel.  No pictures due to the rain!

We got up bright and early the next morning for Magic Kingdom! We had an early breakfast scheduled at Cinderella's Castle.

Hailey all decked out in her Rapunzel gear, walking up to her castle!
We got to the castle, got in line, and later found out that the refrigeration system had broken overnight and they had to cancel the breakfast.  What?!?  They told everyone they would be rescheduled.  Luckily we were planning on coming back to Magic Kingdom a few days later, and requested that date.  (Side note - my cousin had told me to contact her if we needed to change anything or had problems. So, she got her first text during the trip and jumped right on it to help!)  We were worried that we wouldn't get back in since it's booked months ahead of time and you can't just add tables inside that room...

Luckily they had Cinderella come out anyways and sign autographs and talk to the kids. This was the kids' first time to see a "character" on the trip. Both were in awe.

I love how Hailey is looking at her.

We got into the park before it opened since the breakfast didn't happen. First up, Enchanted Tales with Belle. We were first in line!  We honestly had no idea what to expect (see comment about minimal planning).  They pick each kid to play a part in a short play of Belle getting ready to meet the Beast.  It was adorable. 

Once again, in awe of princess Belle :)

This was awesome - Steve was picked to be a guard. LOL

She signed autographs at the end of the skit.

Next we met Ariel!  It wasn't even 10:00 and we already met 3 princesses!
We rode lots of rides - the kids were basically fearless. We love it!  Shortly after lunch, we went back to the hotel for naps because we knew we wanted to come back for the light parade. Considering the early morning, we knew they wouldn't make it and didn't want to wear them out on the first day. It also rained almost every day around lunch time, for anywhere between 1-4 hours.

Back at night time, after eating and riding some rides - heading to grab a spot for the parade!

Hailey wanted me to take a picture of each color of the castle. This involved maneuvering around a bunch of people but it was worth it.

On to the electrical parade. I remember loving this when I was a kid (we went when I was 12).  We got a good spot right behind a British family. They were really sweet and let our kids sit on the curb in front of them for the parade.  They were also short, so Steve and I had no problem seeing over them ;)

Cinderella - all of the lights worked, bad timing on the pic

Peter Pan

They got some ears and were still having tons of fun waiting for the shuttle back to the hotel!
There were some snails that lit up that Tyson loved - one of them stopped and did a little dance in front of him. Snow White also talked to both kids from her float and pointed out the flower/ sharks on their shirts.  More to come...


First grade

Tyson started first grade this week!  We've gotten rave reviews about his teacher.  He had a great one last year, so if we can continue that streak we're all for it!  No pic in front of the school sign on the first day... it was raining!

 We're excited to see what this year brings.  Go Tyson!


Hailey is 4!!

Our Hailey turned 4 in July!  Her favorite birthday party spot turned into a childcare facility, so we had to find a new bounce house place.  She also would have been happy with a dress up party, but wasn't OK with limiting the number of friends to invite for that.  LOL.

Below that red covering is a vertical climbing wall - nice and easy for people under 5 feet tall :/

Caleb was able to join us! This was my favorite picture of the boys,they didn't want to sit still for a pic :)

Navigating through the huge bouncey

Giant basketball!

Hailey with her buddy Alyssa and Emma

Hurricane simulator... I love Alyssa's face

Lily had a blast!

Birthday girl taking a short rest

Most of the kids

Birthday girl!

Nice kid pic :)

Here's a preview of the next posts coming up - this really came in handy when it was time to meet real princesses!

We can't believe that Hailey is 4.  She's such a big girl, has a huge personality, and we love her to death!!  Happy Birthday Hailey Bear :)


Kindergarten graduation

Tyson's school does an awards ceremony instead of the graduations that some other schools do.  Mommy and Daddy both got to escape work to attend.  Each teacher called their kids up and gave them 2 awards in different subject areas.  Tyson's awards were in reading and writing.  He's also a math whiz so we're assuming that was a close 3rd.

We are so proud of Tyson and how well he did in Kindergarten.  He's reading on a first grade level already and did great in all of his subjects.  He loved it too, and asks almost daily when he can go back.  We're excited to see what first grade brings for him!

Video of him getting his awards - it's kind of quiet but thought we'd include it anyways!


Spring highlights

Here's a fly-by of our Spring activities that aren't already in here.  Time to catch up!

Jonah's birthday party!  Yes, this was in April.  I know.

The lion picked a zoo party! Perfect!

I love this picture. Very rare opportunity to get both of my grandmothers together. Love them!

Cousins (and a random kid) watching the sea lions, one of our favorites! Love that Jonah has his lion mask on :)
In April, mommy had to go to San Francisco for a conference.  I hadn't been there since we lived there, back when I was 3.  I really liked that city.  It's a good thing it's astronomically expensive to live there or I may have found a way for us all to move there (assuming Daddy wanted to of course:).  Now I need to find a way to get Daddy there sometime too!  I included just a few pics.


Golden Gate Bridge

Trolley car - we rode these a few times :)

Lombard Ave. Not really possible to get a good pic at ground level.
 Loved this Pier. I think Tyson would too. They do this every day.

Moms and Muffins with Hailey

She painted her own fingers and toes for the first time. And Tyson photo bombed!

I have to say, she did better than I thought she would!

First french braid! Mommy's still got it :)
 We went to Corpus for family and birthday time. The kids did a hurricane simulator for the first time at the Aquarium with cousin Hannah - I think they liked it!

You can tell by their non-enthusiastic faces that they must have known what would happen.  Oh well.  We love our SPURS no matter what!