Our journey into the past starts in April/ May.  Tyson wanted to try T-Ball, so we signed him up at the Y.  Guess who ended up being coach again, by showing up at the first practice and everyone else saying they couldn't do it?  That's right - Daddy!  We got lucky and our team was the Astros.  That sure made the fan gear easy to find!  We were a very small team of 8 kids (and one of them only showed up to practice - not any games). At first we thought that may be bad, but really the kids got to bat twice an inning and loved that they didn't have a ton of down time - nice!

Who says you can't have a little fun out there?

Game face = on


Safe!  We saw lots of runs!

This team liked to stand on top of the bases, but Tyson still scored. Of course.

Getting better at fielding as the season went on


Getting his medal at the last game

The Houston Astros T-Ball team!

Here's a few short videos - I didn't get that many due to a little sister being pretty restless during the games!

He did really well, picked it up quickly, and we're going to keep him going in t-ball/ baseball, as long as he wants to!  As a sport I don't typically choose to watch, I sure enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to.  And Daddy liked coaching t-ball a lot more than soccer :)

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Jammy said...

He really did a good job when we saw him play! I think it's a good sport for him...you can tell he's enjoying himself out there!