slacker update - March

What did we do in March? To start, Tyson's Kindergarten class has a mascot, a siamese cat named Skippy Jon Jones.  He travels home with different kids on the weekends.  Tyson's weekend just happened to land on Spring Break, so he got to keep him for an entire week!  When you have Skippy Jon Jones, you're supposed to document his adventures with pictures and add them to the class book.

Skippy got to visit Jammy and Papa. They also took him to a bounce house!

He got to ride the train with us to the rodeo!

Skippy on the train

This was the first time I'd been to the livestock show and (kiddie) carnival since I was a kid.  The kids loved it.  We only had a few hours in the morning because Daddy took them camping with Grandpa and the cousins in the afternoon (awesome)!  Next year we'll make a day out of it.

Not pictured: our first stop, the petting zoo.  There were lots of different kinds of animals, and baby animals too.  I thought it was awesome and the babies were adorable of course.  Hailey was intimidated at first, and after a few minutes, climbed straight up me when one of the animals walked up to her to sniff her.  Not a minute later, Tyson got spooked by something {can't remmeber what}, Hailey screamed, and we quickly exited the petting zoo.  I guess we'll stick to the super - calm goats in the zoo's petting zoo for now.

Stood in line to pet a real bunny. Hailey was a little shell shocked still (clinging right next to me).

We stood in line for over 30 minutes to get a pony ride.  They loved it.  I'm glad ponies don't scare Hailey :)

I kept missing Hailey with the camera as she went by so I gave up and took a video...

Around lunch time, we left the rodeo and went home to pack the kids up for a Daddy camping trip!  Mommy already had a girls' weekend getaway planned with some college friends.  For years we tell each other we're going to plan something, and we finally did.  I took a few pics but they didn't really turn out :/ We went to Austin and had a great time.  It drives me nuts that my closest girl friends are all at least an hour away. 

Meanwhile, Hailey went on her first camping trip, and I heard that all of the kids did great!  Skippy Jon Jones was part of that adventure too!

Saw this on a boat tour in Austin - positive graffiti.  A new trend maybe?

Tyson started T-Ball!  And, our team is the Astros!  Hopefully we'll do better than the real Astros :/  He's been playing soccer, but last season he really wasn't very into it, so we decided to try a different sport.  So far he seems like a natural at T-ball and is doing great.  He switches hands sometimes so we're trying to figure out if he may be ambidextrous.  So far Mommy and Daddy like it better than soccer too because the other parents actually help out (imagine that)!  We'll see how far this progresses!

Safe at first! What you see in the background is a normal occurrence - the Kindergartners aren't too great at catching yet :)

Daddy is the coach! There wasn't one to start the season, so guess who stepped up to the plate?

Moving on to Good Friday - I had the day off so I took the kids to a park.  We also tried to find bluebonnets to take pictures in, but had no luck around our area.  I didn't see too many on the way to Austin the weekend before either, so I didn't think it was worth venturing out that far.

Went home and dyed some Easter eggs for the first time.  Our neighbors came over and joined in the fun too!

Deep in conversation about putting glitter, etc on their eggs.

Easter to come next...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. The kids are really growing and we hate to be missing that. Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.