slacker update - February

So let's be honest.  I'm more behind on this blog than I ever have been, I think. There are a few reasons for that, but now I'm going to do my best at remembering things that happened 2+ months ago, when I can't remember what I wore last week.

First up - Lily's 1st Birthday party!!!  Uncle Nick and Aunt Amber rented a jump-house in their back yard again.  My kids now think that any time it's Jonah or Lily's birthday, there will be a jump-house. haha.  I actually remembered to take out my camera at this event, and got some good pics!

Birthday girl and her pretty mama

Love it when they're having fun together

A papa-kid pile. Not an unusual occurrence :)

Jonah has some lungs and can make some noise with this! (It used to be mine - awesome)

Happy girl!!

Tyson had his 100th day of school.  We were supposed to make him a shirt with 100 of (something of our choosing) on it.  Tyson chose pennies. After a lot of hot-gluing, this was our final result!  He only lost 1 penny over the course of a whole day.  Not bad!

They were not interested in staying still that morning.

High tech kids.

Tyson had Kindergarten rodeo.  I decided that was more important than going to work from 8-9 AM that day, so I stayed for the first hour.  It was a blast.  They had "barrel racing", ring toss, "calf roping" and horse races.  I think I have video somewhere but that will have to come in a later catch-up post.

Most of Tyson's class.

He got one! Love the tongue hanging out.

This is barrel racing, in case you couldn't tell ;)

We went back to Uncle Nick and Aunt Amber's for Jammy's birthday.  Steve was having fun getting to know Lily.

Lily, Uncle Steve is hilarious. You know you want to smile.

{He's not looking.  I think it's safe to smile now} LOL

Love that I caught this smile on camera!
More catch-up to come...

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