Since the kids are basically on annual milestones now, I wanted to capture some of the things they're currently up to between those "official" posts.

Hailey says some hilarious things, especially during bath time.  Here's some of the things I've written down recently:

"Mommy, don't say underwear, say panties. If you say underwear that's why you don't get a trophy."

{Tyson is driving his 4 wheeler in the grass}
"Tyson I just don't know if I can live with you like that!  Oh my gracious!" (worried/ dramatic)

{filling me in with details after a visit to Jammy and Papa's}
"Jammy said if we have a good day we can have wagon wheels {i.e. carrots chopped into circles}!  And Papa doesn't do the cooking because he doesn't understand the directions.  And Tyson can't reach the kitchen."

{With ducky towel on head}
"I'm gonna eat you all up!  Nom nom nom.  Now you can't walk!  I ate all your bones!"

{We took the headrest out behind Hailey's carseat and she noticed.}
H: Mommy my brain is missing! {pointing to the missing headrest}
Me: Your brain? Are you sure?
H: Yes Mommy!  Something is gone from my head!

H: Mommy, when are the Packers playing today?
Me: Well, football is over until the end of summer, sorry they're not playing today!
H: Are they coming back?!?! (worried)

"I want to get a stinky earring from Whataburger. Rudolph the red-nose reindeer had a very shiny nose."

When I picked her up from school, she was in the teacher's chair holding up a book to her friends while it was read on CD.  Her teacher said "I had to talk to a parent and she's the only kid who the other ones listen to. She keeps them in line and makes them sit down."  HA!  I believe it - when I play school with her she's very particular about what she wants you to do.

Hopefully Jonah didn't see that his awesome huge Batman became Hailey's dance partner for a little while.

Other random Hailey facts to note: Still throws the occasional tantrum, likes to talk after we put her to bed, has a full vocabulary, cracks us up daily, has separation anxiety sometimes at school, STILL not going #2 in the potty but otherwise potty trained, still sucking her thumb, pretty darn good about sharing.


Tyson has been asking lots of questions about air (is anything heavier than air, does air have a color, does air touch everything, you can tell his brain is really working on this one).  You can tell he's also grasping the concept of cities vs states vs countries vs continents vs planets/ moon/ sun.  He talks about that a lot.  He's actually talking and asking about a lot of different subjects.  I love it, it's not the 3 year old "why??" - it's actual questions that need an answer.  A few cute things he said lately:

{At a friend's birthday party - he randomly walks up to one of the other moms}
T: Did you know that Mrs. DeLaPortilla {his Kindergarten teacher} is a mom AND a teacher?
Her: Yes I did!  Isn't that neat?
T: Wow! {eyes huge, seems totally amazed}

Me: Man!!!! I have something in my eye!
T: Close your eyes, I'll help. {holds up a tortilla to my face}

{Steve had played Tyson's Skylanders game the previous night to level-up his new characters}
Steve: Tyson, your characters leveled up!
T: Did the Easter Bunny do it?

We can tell his teacher is transitioning them from copying words to having them try to figure out spelling on their own by writing it out.  Here's something he wrote on artwork he brought home from President's Day: "I hec that my Dad han be prasdat becas hey is nis an far." Translation: I think that my Dad can be President because he is nice and fair.  :)

His "100th day of school" shirt... 100 pennies!

Other random Tyson facts to note: He's doing great in school, seems to be a math whiz, and is actually upset on the weekends when he can't go :) he's sounding out words trying to read, and seems to know all of his sight words.  He's also getting more adventurous with trying new foods (YEA!!!), is starting to sleep in a little on the weekends (as in, past 7 AM - YEA!!!), and does OK with Hailey sharing once you get him to talk through what he wants to do.  He's a really sweet kid with a big heart (always has been).  He's getting to be good friends with our neighbor - he's 2 years older but they love playing video games together when they get the chance.

Love these two.


Anonymous said...

Great post. We miss you guys. Love, Grandpa T.

Courtney Squillante said...

Such fun ages!! I love kids and their little minds! Sounds like you've got some smart ones! :)

Lynn said...

Missing brain, stinky earring, tortilla and Easter bunny totally cracked me up! So funny and so cute. So, you'll probly keep them then?