Moriarty Christmas

The last Christmas celebration was with the Moriarty side!  Nick and Amber hosted it this year.  I didn't take a ton of pics (actually only about 5...) but here's some of them!

Everyone got stockings, except Jammy and Papa. Guess we need to do something about that!  The older kids got slide whistles among many other toys.  Hailey got her first bigwheel, and lots of Hello Kitty toys/ clothes, and Tyson got more legos and lego train track.  As usual, everyone got lots of good loot!

Don't you want to kiss those cheeks??
We had a good time hanging out and the cousins got a lot of play time together after we finished opening gifts!  We forgot to do our group picture though.  I think everyone was tired of pictures and cameras by that point!  Until next year... Merry Christmas!

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Jammy said...

Big thanks to Nick and Amber for hosting this year! Would have been a bummer in an undecorated house! Totally forgot about the annual couch picture...maybe because we weren't with the annual couch!! Thanks for taking pics, Ginny. It was a fun day with everyone. :)