Wednesday confessions

Today I confess that I'm going to post some blackmail pictures and videos of the kids.  This is my passive-aggressive way of paying them back for their fights over things that don't even matter (like whose song is currently playing on the radio... who "owns" songs besides the group/ singer/ label??? Sheesh)

So here you go... looks like Hailey is the main victim in the photos this time... but Tyson gets his turn in the videos.

So, maybe not blackmail, more of a cute pic, but she was WIPED out!

Not sure what this dancing was about. Nice outfit!

Hiding in the pantry to go #2 in her pull-up

First attempt at putting makeup on.

Tyson has been doing some goofy dancing lately - see what you think!  In the second video he does a dance-bomb (photo bomb but with dancing instead??)  Ha!

Kids, behave or Mommy will continue to post more embarrassing pictures and videos!


Moriarty Christmas

The last Christmas celebration was with the Moriarty side!  Nick and Amber hosted it this year.  I didn't take a ton of pics (actually only about 5...) but here's some of them!

Everyone got stockings, except Jammy and Papa. Guess we need to do something about that!  The older kids got slide whistles among many other toys.  Hailey got her first bigwheel, and lots of Hello Kitty toys/ clothes, and Tyson got more legos and lego train track.  As usual, everyone got lots of good loot!

Don't you want to kiss those cheeks??
We had a good time hanging out and the cousins got a lot of play time together after we finished opening gifts!  We forgot to do our group picture though.  I think everyone was tired of pictures and cameras by that point!  Until next year... Merry Christmas!


Christmas Day

The kids actually slept until 7! When they woke up, Daddy went downstairs to see if Santa had really come or not. He gave us the all-clear and we headed downstairs to check it out!

 Santa brought both kids new bikes, and also brought Hailey a Dora dollhouse, and Tyson a remote control car!  We had lots of fun with the kids, of course, and then cleaned up our mess before the rest of the family came over.

Christmas extravaganza!  All of the cousins take turns opening presents from youngest to oldest until everyone is done.

Time to go outside and try out the new presents!  Our kids rode their bikes, played with RC cars and dolls.   Luckily the weather was great on Christmas day (well, for Texas).  Everyone stayed and played all day.

When we got home, Tyson and Daddy worked on setting up all of the lego trains/ vehicles that he got for his birthday and Christmas!  He got a lot!

We had a great trip, it had been way too long since the last one, and Mommy and Daddy actually got to get away and see The Hobbit!  We don't get to see movies in the theater much anymore so that was nice!  Christmas wasn't over yet though, still one more to go!


Christmas Eve

Well, these first ones were actually on the last day of school for Tyson before the break. His teacher threw a Christmas party and I got to sneak away from work and go to it.  As usual it was adorable :)

This boy was so funny - he kept coming up to me and asking me for help, and asked about 10 times to take a picture with Tyson.  I think I have 5 of them saved.

On the Saturday before Christmas, we loaded up and headed down to see the Torno family!  On Christmas Eve, most of the guys went hunting while the girls took the kids to the Texas State Aquarium. As usual, it was a blast.

We got there just in time to see Santa feeding the fish!

Just me playing with my new camera (thanks Santa)!

Holding hermit crabs

Hailey eventually tried it too!

Grandpa was really nice and spent a good chunk of time setting up this old train set for Tyson. It was pretty persnickety but Grandpa, Tyson and Hannah never lost patience with it.  They'd make little adjustments and try again.  I'm not sure if Tyson likes trains or not...

There are quite a few pictures of Hailey tackling Christine - she's always been great about playing with our kids

As part of our tradition, we read The Polar Express and Twas The Night Before Christmas to the kids
We also decorated cookies and put those and milk out for Santa!  Also - Patrick the elf knew that we'd be going to Grandma and Grandpa's and showed up at their house too!