Wednesday confessions

I had to write something to brighten up the mood a little.  It's been awhile - here's the latest!

We have an elf on the shelf.  He has been out for about two weeks now and I've already forgotten to move him 4 times.  The kids think that he just likes certain spots more than others.  Yikes.  (I DID move him last night, this is his current spot)

The only forms of eggs that I know how to make are scrambled and hard boiled.  No clue how to properly make sunny side up, over easy, or any other form.  What's even better, I didn't even realize this until a few days ago.

Hailey has had a sleeping bag in her bed since December 7th.  It all started because Tyson slept in one when our family came in for his birthday.  She likes it so much that I use it as a bribing tool at bedtime.  If she does a good job, she can keep the sleeping bag.  If she acts up or asks us to come back in multiple times for non-important reasons, we will take it away.  It's working so far.

I got a thank you note to write to someone we don't know very well, and noticed that Hailey had scribbled in it a little. Instead of getting another card out of the box, I wrote my message, and said "Hailey says thanks too!" And pointed to the scribble.

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Courtney Squillante said...

Ha! Love the thankyou note one- I would totally do that!!