Tyson is SIX

Boy, it looks weird to type that!  Our big kid turned 6 last Wednesday!  On his actual birthday, I got to bring him McDonald's during his lunch (at 10:40), which was a blast, and for dinner guess what he chose... McDonald's!  After dinner, we sang Happy Birthday, ate cake and opened presents from us and Hailey.  Yes, we let the kids choose their meals on their birthdays - go ahead and judge!

Me eating lunch with him at school - so fun!

I think he was a tad excited that day... goofball

We're not quite sure if he likes his Lego train set - what do you think??

Over the weekend, a lot of Torno's came in town for Tyson's party at Chuck E Cheese!  As usual, I didn't get everyone in the pictures.  Some of the family was very sweet to stay and hold our tables/ purses so I could roam around and play with the kids/ take pictures!

Tyson always loves this train table

So glad that Uncle Shane, Caleb and Benjamin got to come! Tyson was glued to Caleb the entire time!

Tyson's awesome Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. DeLaPortilla came by for most of the party - SO sweet of her!
These are my not-so-successful attempts at getting the kids in pics - it was super crowded in the eating area. We had 13 kids at the party.

Tyson when he saw Chuck E

Tyson ate up the attention! He was in the perfect spot for Chuck E!

Batman cake - there's no sneaking bites of this cake. Instant blue mouth!

He got a turn in the ticket blaster booth - I love his expression.

Papa, Jammy, Aunt Amber and Lily (sweetest baby ever)

This was his general expression upon opening any Lego gifts :)

If you own Lego stock, we all helped keep it in business this week - you're welcome!
We sure love this big boy a ton, and it was (and still is) so much fun to see him so excited about all of his birthday activities and his gifts.  This year is the most excited he's been about his birthday.  Happy Birthday Tyson!


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Tyson. LOVE the lego video. He's a cutie.

Jammy said...

I don't think he could have had a better day. He was so excited about everything and so appreciative. What a sweetie!

Courtney Squillante said...

6?!? Wow! Super cute pics and I think letting them choose their own birthday meal is a sweet idea!

The Moriarty Family said...

What a great birthday party he had AND birthDAY! Love the lunch photos at school-- so cute & fun! Can't believe my oldest nephew is SIX!!!!! Love you Tyson!!!!