Thanksgiving Feasts

Yes, I know it's December and I'm way behind.  But, I was lucky to be able to attend both kids' Thanksgiving feasts at their schools.  Tyson's was just a feast for the kids with some songs (video below!), and was ADORABLE.  Hailey's was a traditional Thanksgiving feast at her school.  Both kids were so happy to have a parent there so I was really grateful that I got to go!

 Tyson's was first - the kids dressed up as pilgrims or Indians and ate picnic type food with pie

Here's the video of all Kindergarten classes performing their two songs - you can't see him at first because he's on the other side of his teacher in the black shirt. You can start to see him better around the 45 second mark.  And man... do we need a new video camera.

Hailey's was the next day - notice her employee badge? I think she'd prefer school over work if she knew :)

She doesn't have her own personality or anything. Not at all.


Jammy said...

So glad you were able to go to both of their celebrations! That's so important to them, as you well know. Tyson did a great job on both his songs! Hailey couldn't be cuter!

Lynn said...

Cute! SO glad my ChuckE days are over - so LOUD in there but the kids sure love it! What a bunch of cuties... nice to see a picture of Papa and Jammy!