Santa visits

We had two Santa visits this year.  The first one was at Tyson's elementary school.  We stood in line for a little while and finally it was our turn. Both kids were really excited to see Santa, so I guess our days of crying Santa pictures are over!  Tyson was asking tons of questions, like where the reindeer are, and where Mrs. Clause was (she didn't make it to this appearance), so he's really paying attention to Santa related things now.  Tyson told Santa he wanted a lego train and a remote control car, and Hailey told him she wanted a Dora dollhouse.  Both kids were really sweet and did great.

Santa #1

The next day, Santa was also coming to Hailey's school.  I tried to time my pick-up so Santa would be gone to avoid confusion, but he stayed past his scheduled time.  This Santa had a really lame Santa suit, and was obviously Mr. John, the P.E. teacher... the kids both recognized him before he even said anything, and he didn't disguise his voice at all either.  Hey, great job on that one guys!!  Sheesh!  Tyson said "Hey, it's Mr. John!" and ran up and gave him a high 5.  Hailey also recognized him and said "Why is Mr. John wearing a Santa costume? It's not Halloween!"  Mr. John never admitted it was him but it was just obvious, and there was no way I was going to try to convince them otherwise.  The next couple of hours were filled with questions about why he did that, etc.  In a way I'm glad they knew who it was, because if it was a different, but believable Santa, that may have caused even more confusion.  For now they just think Mr. John was being silly and/or helping Santa out.

Until next year's Santa adventures...

Mr. John

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Lynn said...

Love it! Smart kiddos!