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Over the past few years I've noticed that certain news items really grab my attention.  It's mostly when I feel that someone innocent has been greatly wronged.  The Caylee Anthony tragedy, the murder of Yeardley Love, the Aurora, CO movie theater tragedy, and now Newtown, CT.  I probably let myself get too involved in following them.  I'm sure every parent has done the same things recently, but I just keep hugging my kids... even more than I normally do.  When I came home on Friday I gave them the biggest hugs and kisses, and told each of them that we're so lucky to have them and how much we love them.  Of course, they had no idea why Mommy was telling them that while they were eating dinner, but Friday's events gave me even more appreciation for those two sweet children that we have.

Yesterday, I went to Tyson's Christmas party in his elementary school classroom.  We live in a safe neighborhood, but as I drove up to the school I saw a police car patrolling the parking lot.  When I walked in the school, there was another policeman inside, and security measures had been heightened.  The office people who were checking the parents in seemed on edge and very nervous.  They're normally cheerful and happy.  That is just sad.  When I walked into Tyson's classroom and saw all the sweet children laughing and having a good time, I couldn't help but think of Friday's events and didn't even want to imagine what that would be like.

I've been checking up on the news and the events related to Newtown daily, and it breaks my heart all over again each time.  I feel terrible for those children, teachers, the families of those who were lost, as well as the children and teachers who survived the attack - you know they will have a hard time as well.

From time to time, certain events make us realize that life is short and unpredictable.  It's easy to get into a daily grind and take things for granted.  Hold your loved ones tightly and remind them every day that they're loved.

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