Happy Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween! It gets more fun each year with these kiddos.  This year was the first time Hailey had the energy to last more than 5 houses or so.  It was a blast. Before we left, "candy master" Daddy reminded them of the rules for trick-or-treating: Say "trick or treat" and then "thank you" after you get candy, and don't walk on people's grass.  Tyson followed the rules 100% and Hailey did about 70%, we reminded her the other times ;)

They were both allowed to wear costumes to school - within certain guidelines of course.  Their capes are "flying" in this pic.

We're ready to start trick-or-treating! Hailey decided to be supergirl sans cape (it got lost at school somewhere :() instead of her butterfly princess she had been talking about for weeks.  Ninja Tyson was in character most of the night!

Our attempts at getting a non-cheesy smile out of supergirl didn't work too well ;)

Pumpkin #1, designed completely by Tyson

Pumpkin #2, cutout chosen by Hailey (it's supposed to be a cat but looks lizard-ish, HA!)
We had a great time and came across a house that was completely decked out in life-size creatures.  One of them was a person in a gorilla costume, who luckily had the sense to not scare the little ones... only middle school and up!  (whew...)

Happy Halloween!!

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Jammy said...

Love the costumes and their excitement about it all. Jack-O-Lanterns look great!