November... so far

November started out with my cousin Michelle's wedding in Austin.  Nick and I went by ourselves, which was fun - we couldn't remember the last time that only the two of us did something together.  It was probably 12 years ago or more!  It was a fun wedding and we got to see some of our out-of-state family again!

We had some fun in the photo booth!
Tyson's soccer season ended. Just like the spring season, his first goal scored was in the last game of the season.  It was a nice one that sailed into the back right corner!

Tyson is on the left, going after the ball

This is what playing goalie looked like for our team this season - basically no action because we destroyed everyone :)

The supportive little sister

"Good game!  Sorry we scored tons of goals (not really)!"
The end of the year party was at a local Mexican restaurant.  They had an outdoor patio with an inflatable slide, which the kids kept piling on.  Hailey was right in the mix with the bigger kids - poor girl came away from that with some bruises - but she was laughing the whole time!

Most of the team - one is missing (only 8 this time!)

An unexpected attraction - mechanical bull! We assumed the kids were too little but the guy operating it made it go really slowly for them. They loved it!

We took Tyson to the pediatrician a few weeks ago and we just happened to mention that he's a good artist. He loves to draw! She said they are having patients make all of the paintings for their new office, and she gave Tyson an art packet to make his own painting! There were certain guidelines, and limited colors, so this is what he came up with. It will be framed with a plaque with his name and age on it in the new office!

"Flying Fish"
Last weekend, some of our college friends decided to throw an impromptu guys weekend and go camping.  Kyle and Micah came to our house on Friday night on the way down.  Micah got in some good forced reading quality time with Hailey!  She warmed right up to him even though she hasn't seen him in months.

After the guys left, the kids and I headed down to Boling, TX to visit Kelly and Jude!  They're living in a nice house with tons of land behind it.  We had a great time playing with Jude, and mommy and Kelly stayed up WAY too late having fun and talking that night after the kids went to bed (totally worth it though)!
Taking a mini-nap on the way there
Checking out Jude's play house

Watching a movie with popcorn - our attempt to calm them down

Showing off their tattoos!


Happy Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween! It gets more fun each year with these kiddos.  This year was the first time Hailey had the energy to last more than 5 houses or so.  It was a blast. Before we left, "candy master" Daddy reminded them of the rules for trick-or-treating: Say "trick or treat" and then "thank you" after you get candy, and don't walk on people's grass.  Tyson followed the rules 100% and Hailey did about 70%, we reminded her the other times ;)

They were both allowed to wear costumes to school - within certain guidelines of course.  Their capes are "flying" in this pic.

We're ready to start trick-or-treating! Hailey decided to be supergirl sans cape (it got lost at school somewhere :() instead of her butterfly princess she had been talking about for weeks.  Ninja Tyson was in character most of the night!

Our attempts at getting a non-cheesy smile out of supergirl didn't work too well ;)

Pumpkin #1, designed completely by Tyson

Pumpkin #2, cutout chosen by Hailey (it's supposed to be a cat but looks lizard-ish, HA!)
We had a great time and came across a house that was completely decked out in life-size creatures.  One of them was a person in a gorilla costume, who luckily had the sense to not scare the little ones... only middle school and up!  (whew...)

Happy Halloween!!



We had a few Halloween parties before the big day - first up, Trunk or Treat at the kids' school last Friday (Hailey's preschool, Tyson's after-school program).  We loved this event because it was fun, short, and sweet.  I think we were there for 30 minutes and did everything there was to do!

checking out the fire truck that was there (ninja is in stealth mode behind the butterfly princess)

On Saturday, we headed to Steve's company picnic, which just happened to be at the Zoo this year, and also happened to be during Zoo Boo... perfect!  The kids got to wear their costumes again, and got airbrush tattoos, and spoiled with cotton candy and other goodies.

After we hung out at the picnic for awhile, we did our usual carousel ride, checked out some of the animals, and then our friends Doug and Amy suggested riding the paddleboats.  We've been there so many times and have never thought of doing that!  It was fun - at one point we raced, and guess who won?  Not the guys boat!

Girls boat! She had fun, promise!

There's my happy girl

Guys boat!  Tyson had fun steering them around :)

The kids on our every-visit train ride. First time riding together.

Hey! We actually took a picture together! Even if it was a self-portrait :)