Wednesday Confessional

Here we go again...

It makes me uncomfortable when people want to give me "unnecessary help." there's a guy at work who is paid to help people figure out parking, directions, etc when they get on and off the elevator of my parking garage. He's really sweet and pushes the elevator button for us every day, etc. But honestly, I'd rather just push the button. I think it makes me feel guilty in a way.

Add to that the people at HEB doing cooking demonstrations who call you out when you walk by and ask you questions/ try to reel you in. Sorry lady, I'm trying to power shop. Not interested in small talk. I actually plan my aisle routes to go around these people.

Every day I think about who I'm going to see that day before I decide what I'm going to wear.  I go for the  "bare minimum" every day as far as dressiness goes. (This really only works on the weekends, since I have to dress up every day for work...)

Lately, I've been getting a cookie almost every afternoon as a snack. Whoops.

When I have to eat out during lunch at work, I think about whether or not I'm going to work out that night before I decide what to order.  If I'm going to the gym, the meal typically gets more unhealthy.  Yes, I realize that does not do me any good.

When I say "have to eat out", I really mean that I didn't prepare anything the night before, so now I "have to" grab something.

Speaking of preparing the night before, it seems like Kindergarten requires the same amount of "night-before preparation" that infant care did.  Signing folders, working on his homework with him, taking out/ filing artwork, wafting through fundraiser/ event flyers that we get daily, making his lunch for the next day... Sheesh :)  Honestly, I'm glad there is a lot of interaction with his teacher and a lot going on at his school.

Back to work...


Lynn said...

Love it... I also avoid all those people in the store who are there to "help" - they just slow me down. Don't they know we are in a hurry?!?!

Jammy said...

And it begins...you're just entering the school zone with your kids! There's a lot of work on both ends...parents and teachers. Hang in there and try to enjoy it. Busy days and busy nights for all of you. Family! ;)