Wednesday confessional

So, I'm completely stealing this idea from my cousin Courtney, who I think also stole it from someone else.  My first confession is that I can guarantee I won't do one of these every Wednesday.  But it seems like it would be liberating to air out some of the things I do...

I catch myself "spacing out" sometimes.  98% of the time it's in the shower.  I can stay in there for 40 minutes sometimes.  The fact that our hot water has NEVER run out at this house contributes to this (sure, that's the reason).  The other 2% of the time it's things like, I walk into a room and then forget why I'm in there.

I've had my legal documents ready to be notarized for my "side business" since March.  All I have to do is give them to Steve because he has a notary at his work.  But I still haven't done it.

I have a serious, unreasonable fear of bees and wasps.  As in, I run as fast as I can when I see one and don't care how ridiculous I look.  However, when my kids are around I am strangely able to control this fear and act like it is no big deal, and even "shoo them away" if they are close to the kids.

I also have an irrational aversion to minivans.  We are planning on getting a new vehicle for me later this year, and I've known for awhile now that a minivan would be the most logical, economical, smart choice for our family, but I just can't bring myself to admit that.  For whatever reason, I've been dead-set against ever owning a minivan (no offense if you have one, I DO realize that they are great and very family friendly...) I guess at some point I got it in my head that they are "not cool".  When you're 18, that's true. When you're in your 30's and have 2 kids, you should probably reconsider that.  We'll see what happens later this year.

We took family pictures in July and all I have to do is download them from a CD and post them here, and also make Hailey's 3rd birthday post with them.  Still haven't done it.

I can't STAND when people ad-lib the national anthem. When Queen Latifah did it tonight before the football game I wanted to throw something at the TV.  Come on, people.

Oh, I also can't stand Ryan Lochte.  Something about him just screams... well... not a nice person.

That's it for this week, hopefully I'll come up with more for this at some point!!


Courtney Squillante said...

Love them!!! I can relate to just about all of these! And the national anthem last night was AWFUL!!!! Who changes the song?!?

Katie said...

Agreed. On everything. But the minivan. LOL. Come on Ginny. It's like driving your living room down the road.

Ryan Lochte sure seems DUMB.

Melissa said...

Agree big time on the Ryan Lochte comment. Something about him makes me want to slap him. He's all over the TV now. Go away dude!

Oh and add to this whole thing I can't stand the word verification thing you have to do when commenting on someone's blog. I can never read those swirly words and it usually takes me several tries! Here I go to try again.

Jammy said...

I like this new way to post. Fun to read! Your fear of bees and wasps may have started when we were moving in to our second house in San Antonio on Haltown. We were walking around the backyard checking it out, when you were stung by a bee. We hadn't moved in yet, so we introduced ourselves to the next door neighbors to see if they could help you.They were very sweet, and took care of your wound!