Dear 3 year old Hailey,

Hailey Bear, you turned 3!

You are the baby of our family, and you crack us up all the time with your hilarious sense of humor.  You're 32 lbs, still in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th for height.  You still have your platinum blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. You're a good eater.  You like fruit and vegetables, and meat!  Imagine that.  Hamburgers are called "meat" or you won't eat them.  You're not much of a milk drinker right now - your favorite drink is orange juice.

You usually take a 2-3 hour nap in the early afternoon.  We can occasionally skip it now if we are out and about. You still have separation anxiety when we go to new places, but as long as you're held you feel safe.  Your lovey still goes everywhere with you, but you're quick to ditch it if you find something else to play with. When we ordered your birthday cake, you ditched it at the bakery and none of us figured it out until nap time!  Luckily they had found it and saved it for you!  You also like to hide lovey in the house or in your purse.  That's caused drama more than a few times!


Your brother.  You love him, you really do, but you sure love to push his buttons.  You know just what to do to make him mad.  To be fair, he starts it sometimes too, but we're ready for you two to learn how to play together a little better.  Daddy and Mommy love the times that you two laugh and play together, and especially when you hug and kiss each other.  So sweet.

Speaking of hugging, you love to give us hugs and kisses.  This week, you told me I was your best friend.  Talk about melting my heart!  You frequently tell us you love us, and of course we're always telling you and Tyson the same!

You love to play with your babies, play in your kitchen, make faces in the mirror and play school.  You're a good teacher and love to read books to your class.  You also discipline them when they get out of line.  Lately, you ask Mommy to be in your class.  Mommy spends lots of time trying not to smile because you are so adorable, and the things you say are so funny.  If you catch me smiling you get angry and say "Don't smile Mommy!" 

You like your school and your teachers, but you don't want Mommy to drop you off unless the teacher takes you from my arms.  Walking in next to Mommy, or walking in and playing is not acceptable.  There has to be a hand-off and then you're perfectly fine.  Your teachers say that you are the alpha in your class, that you are very smart, love to read stories and that you're well behaved.

Until about a month ago, bedtime was more of a "puzzle".  As in, different things would set you off and we'd have to calm you down, or you wouldn't want to lay down and cause trouble, or many other things that would make it a different challenge each time.  I think it's safe to say we're finally out of that stage (crossing fingers), and now I love putting you to bed.  We changed your crib to a toddler bed right after you turned 3, and you've done great. You pile as many toys and books into your bed (and your carseat for that matter) as we'll let you. You still suck your thumb when you sleep.

You are a GIRLY GIRL.  There's so many times that Daddy and I look at each other and smile because of this.  Today, Tyson was asking you to help him do something, and you told him "hold on", and went to put on your dress up shoes before you helped him.  You got your fingers and toes painted for the first time and were showing them to everyone.  You love princesses, purses, jewelry, SHOES, Dora, and suddenly Hello Kitty.

You are FEARLESS, except for dogs - you're afraid of most dogs, but you're getting better about it.  You've jumped in the pool before putting your floatie on (we caught you right away), you will go down any slide, you want to ride everything at amusement parks and water parks, and you shriek in excitement every time!  You are hesitant about some mascots, but it seems to only be the ones you don't recognize.  You go right up to Chuck E Cheese, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, etc.

You went from being very clingy and extremely afraid of strangers, and some family (first year or two of your life) to being very outgoing and talking to everyone.  You tell random people that you like something about their clothes, or their hair, etc.  Luckily you only point out good things and haven't embarrassed us yet with this!

You still can't sit still through a movie.  We've tried twice to take you to a theater and haven't had success yet.  You're very active and don't like to sit in one spot for very long.

Potty training.  You can do it, and you wear underwear all day at school, but you're not ready to make the official switch yet.  We're working on different "incentives" to convince you that you don't need pull-ups anymore.

A few things you say "incorrectly:" Flee (three), baftub, downdairs, a few more that I can't think of!

Hailey, I could go on and on, but you're a sweet, loving girl who makes us laugh and smile every day.  You're strong willed and like routines.  We love you more than you can know, and we're so grateful that you're in our lives.

To close your official 3-year-old post, here's some pics from Mommy's phone that haven't made it to our blog yet!  You really ham it up at bath time!  Love you precious girl!

First professional shampoo - got it free because we waited so long!
It took us awhile to get you to go in the grotto - now you suggest it! As well as jumping off the rocks into the pool!


Katie said...

She's so cute. Love those pigtails. She looks like her Daddy. Sounds like she's funny like her Daddy, too. :) Love posts like this.

Lynn said...

Awwwwwwwwwww!!!! So cute. Brought tears to my eyes, Ginny! Loving our kids is just the best!!

Courtney Squillante said...

So so cute!!! She is such a doll...

The Moriarty Family said...

Sweet Hailey bear!!!! Such great pictures. The bathroom pics when she's hamming it up had me laughing! What a wonderful three years it's been, so blessed. Hugs, Aunt Amber

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Ginny. We are so blessed that you came into Steve's life and gave us these two fine grandchildren. Love, Grandpa T.

Jammy said...

What a great three year old tribute! She's definitely a treat and one-of-a-kind!!!