Mort Reunion Part 3: Lambeau / Packers

On Tuesday, we got all packed up to head to Lambeau Field to watch Packers training camp!  I was sooo excited!  When we got there, it was a little empty.  We thought the time had been changed to a morning practice, but it turns out that was actually for the next week.  So, we headed into Lambeau instead and checked it out!

I don't know what was going on with my kids this day, but they were acting up from the moment we got out of the car.  (See picture above, this was the best I could get, and it was about 3 minutes after we got there.) They weren't listening, weren't cooperating, Hailey threw a few tantrums, it was good times.  I was pretty frustrated... 
Lambeau has a really nice gaming area that is apparently open even when there's not a football game going on.  We played some games, and Tyson liked this route running/ touchdown game.

 Couldn't get the kids to get in a picture together. So we took separate pictures. Nice.

Even the equipment is Packer'ed up!!

Construction/ expansion that my stock ownership helped finance (maybe a beam or two, ha)
We headed back to Appleton to get ready for a pool/ swimming afternoon.  I was pretty bummed that we missed training camp and that we didn't get to go to the Hall of Fame or do a stadium tour.  All of those were possibilities, but I'm sure the kids' behavior made everyone want to go home (understandably).  In my head, I tried to figure out a way to go back but didn't want to put myself through dragging the kids back when they obviously didn't want to go.  I asked if anyone would want to go back with me, but they really wanted to go to the pool.  They offered to take my kiddos to the pool so I could go back and go do some of the things we had originally planned.  After telling them to be on their best behavior, I headed back to Green Bay.

I got there just in time to see the players riding the local kids' bikes from Lambeau to the practice field. I've always heard about this but had never gotten to see it!  I saw a lot of players up close... pretty cool!!  Here's just a few...

Tom Crabtree - always very interactive with fans

Jordy Nelson

James Starks (44)

James Jones

Randall Cobb

Clay Matthews (in back) - the place went NUTS when he came out. Might be why he rode by quickly on the side of everyone and not through the middle like the other players.

RAJI Freezer!

Jeff Saturday - he was being really sweet to this little girl and asking her what grade she was in, hobbies etc. Many of the players weren't really talking to the kids but he was.

Jermichael Finley

Rodgers throwing passes in warm-up

I walked over to the offensive side of the field and watched drills for awhile.  I saw something that would never happen in a real game - Donald Driver INTERCEPTED Aaron Rodgers. The offense was playing defense also.  Haha!! The fans loved it.  Better get those INT's out of the way now!

After standing in the heat for about an hour (yes, it was actually hot that day in WI!), I headed back to Lambeau and checked out the Packer hall of fame quickly.  Here's a few of the notable pics.

Superbowl trophies!

Self-portrait with the XLV trophy

Reggie White's "locker" in the HOF

Lombardi statue

Lambeau statue

GO PACK GO!!!!  Thanks to my family for taking the kiddos swimming.  I know they had a blast too!  More to come...


Courtney Squillante said...

So so fun!!

Aunt Lynn said...

Go Pack Go!! Nice job, Ginny! I've never been there and now that you've done this, I don't have to go! I can just cheer them on from my sofa and leave it at that!

Jammy said...

I'm really glad you were able to do this, Ginny! Thanks to everyone for watching the kids!!!