Mort Reunion Part 2: Bay Beach

On Monday, we loaded everyone up and headed to Bay Beach in Green Bay.  It's a great little amusement park that's perfect for kids that are 2-10.  Most rides are only 25 cents each!  What?!?!  We all went into it with a "we'll let the kids ride some rides, and if they start getting tired or acting up we'll head back" type of mindset.  But, we ended up staying for over 4 hours!  It was a blast.  My kids rode most of the rides with Jonah Batman.  This was a happy, fun day!

First up... a carousel. Hailey was apprehensive for some reason.

Plane ride

Lady bugs


Lunch break! Bruce and Jacque had packed up sandwich stuff, fruit and snacks! Yum!

Giving Lily kisses. Love that baby!

Boat ride - notice how Hailey is in the front seat in her purple boat.

Now she's in the back during the same ride... sneaky little girl!

They had a pony ride. This has always been a hit with Tyson.

Another first on this trip - Hailey's first pony ride!

Helicopter ride

View of the bay from the train

Giant slide! I remember doing this as a kid and loving it! So glad it was still there!

My dare-devil kids loved it of course! Tyson went with Pierce and Tommy.  You slide down on potato sacks. It gives some pretty good speed.

Tyson was happy he was tall enough to ride the "giant swings".

On the car ride home.  She was asleep before we left the parking lot.
This was a really fun day, for dinner later on we had burgers, brats, and brat patties on the grill, along with corn on the cob! Yummmm!!!


The Moriarty Family said...

That was such a fun day! aaaand I started laughing just as hard as we did in person when I saw the boat pics of hailey in the front and then in the back!!!!! LOLLLLLL!!! You got some good pics of all of the kids.

Aunt Lynn said...

Ditto Amber's comment! Hailey is a hoot! I'm glad we FINALLY got up there for some of the fun! LOVE the pics of the time we missed!