Moriarty reunion wrap-up

If I continue to do blog posts of each day of our trip, I'll never get through this at my posting speed, so here's a final post about the remainder of the trip!

Hailey got her toenails painted for the first time. She got a chip on one nail the next day and was upset until we fixed it :)

The kids had a lot of stories read to them by different family members. Loved it.

We went to a really cool park in Oshkosh. It looked like a castle structure with TONS of things to do.

This was always one of my favorite toys as a kid. Only seem to see these up north.

Ice cream break after the park!

There was a small zoo next to the park so we checked that out too. Pretty fun.

Throwing pebbles in the lake with the big boys!
I love the next 3 pictures.  It's one of Tyson's favorite things to do. He was having a ton of fun chasing these birds and even recruited me to do it with him a second time.  Here's the progression...

Grammy with her birthday cake! Happy Birthday!!

Loved this pic of Rachel, AJ and Tyson snuggled up reading and laughing!

I'm a bad cousin, after we were there for a few days I remembered that I also have cousins in the same town on my Mom's side (DUH!!!).  I contacted Cassie and she was able to stop by with her adorable son Will for a few hours to play!  Can you tell I'm beyond tired at this point in the pic?  Yikes!

Hailey asked my cousin Kiki "what's in your tummy?"  Thankfully she is pregnant or that would have been embarrassing, HA!  She wanted to touch the baby.  Adorable.

Group pic of as many of us together as possible. This is everyone who could make it that week except Tommy and the Bursaw family (they had already gone back by this day).

The guys got some basketball time together at various points in the week!
After these group pictures, we drove back to Chicago.  The trip back to Chicago was MUCH better than the first time around.  My kids had some space between them, which made a huge difference.  Thanks again to Aunt Lynn who drove us back and forth!  On our last night, we got to see my cousins Brett and Kari, their significant others and their awesome dogs.  We had different kinds of authentic Chicago pizza (yummmm!!) We literally saw everyone in our family that lives up North (except my Cousin Sean, who is on a Navy boat somewhere...).  So awesome since there are SO MANY of us.

Meet Marshall. He loves to watch TV.  He especially loves horses though.  When horses came on, he would go nuts, get really excited, try to find them behind the TV, etc.  It was great.
This is Kiwi. She's some kind of huge dog.  Very well behaved and my kids loved her.  This was great since they're usually intimidated by large dogs.  I got a candid pic of Bonnie, Brett and Kari too. (Picture taking skills waning by the time this night rolled around).
On the way back to O'Hare the next morning.  Seth volunteered to be a punching bag.
Taking a break after going through security, before heading to our gate.
Looking for Daddy once we took off. On both plane trips she told me she saw Daddy riding a pink flying dolphin.(?)
The kids weren't quite as well behaved on the way back. They did fine on the plane but were more challenging in both airports.  I'm sure they were exhausted, I know I was (Hailey had one normal nap the whole week).  We were all very happy to see Daddy, get back in our own beds and have an easy going day before we went back to work and school.  It was a fun week!  One more thank you to all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins who helped me with the kids at various points.  I love seeing our family and need to make sure Daddy can make it next time!


Courtney Squillante said...

The picture of Grammy and her cake is a GREAT one! She looks so good!!

Jammy said...

Looks like a lot of fun, and a lot of help from family! What would we do without each other?? Glad you were all able to go and enjoy each other.

Aunt Lynn said...

What a great time we all had! SO HAPPY you went through all the work to be up here for the reunion!!

Melissa said...

I'm so glad he had a great first day! Can't believe our kids are growing this fast. He's so handsome.