Moriarty family reunion: Part 1

The kids and I just got back yesterday from a week-long trip to Chicago and Appleton, WI to visit (almost all) of our extended Moriarty family!  Of course, there are tons of pictures, so I'll break it up into multiple posts.

Here we are in the airport waiting to board our plane. They did well on the trip up to Chicago.

I sat next to Hailey and Tyson sat one row up, by the window. He sat next to a SUPER nice lady who let him play on her iPad and totally catered to him. She said she has 5 grandkids overseas and he was helping her with her kid withdrawal :)

Night 1 - in Chicago at Aunt Lynn and Uncle Tom's house.  Lynn was a lifesaver and met us in baggage claim at the airport, and took us back to her house.  Tyson got to sleep on a top bunk bed with cousin Jonah underneath!  Hailey got to sleep in Natale's fun girly room with Mommy.

Playing with Natalie in her favorite outfit... pull-up only.
Natalie loves horses and has a number of ride-on-sized animals that the kids loved.
Later that night, Nick and Amber's family came in from the airport.  Their plane was delayed for about 3 hours so they made it much later than they wanted to (stinks!!).  The next morning, we got ready and drove to Appleton to see the rest of the family. That car ride was *interesting* for us - Tyson and Hailey were next to each other.  Let's just say there was a decent amount of fighting and bickering between those two on the 3+ hour drive.

Pierce has a drum set, which the kids loved. Tyson has been into drums lately so he played it whenever he got a chance.

Me with Grammy - LOVE Grammy!!!!

Uncle Bruce and Benjamin teaching Hailey how to play ping pong

Hailey's turn on the drums! She did pretty well too!

Batman's turn!

We headed to a local park for awhile. Hailey wanted to hold Aunt Jacque's hand.

Mommy's cousins (Pierce, AJ, Jacob, Benjamin) and Tyson

Benjamin posing with the kiddos after the park

Guy cousins - Nick, Benjamin, Pierce, Jacob, AJ

Hailey liked the bouncy bridge at the park.
My Aunt Merky with Hailey
Fortunately, we got to see the Bursaw family who had driven in from Minnesota.  Unfortunately, we only caught them for a few hours before they had to head home.  We maximized the time with them but I didn't catch any pictures of Uncle Mark or Sarah.

Why is there a picture of Hailey sneaking some watermelon? Because this is the first time either of my kids have eaten it.  Not sure why, but I'm glad they finally realized how good watermelon is.

On our second night, Tyson had a monumental day... he lost his first tooth!  We still aren't sure where it is though, I just noticed it was gone after dinner.  Pretty sure it's in his tummy or in the Wisconsin sewage system at this point!
Since he didn't have a tooth to leave for the tooth fairy, I had him draw her a picture.  He wanted it to say "Tooth Fairy Look Closely."  He put it next to his pillow instead of under it, which I'm sure made it even easier for the tooth fairy to leave him his money!  He was so excited to lose his first tooth... his friends have been losing them for a few months and he's asked us when he will lose one.

More to come about our trip...

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Aunt Lynn said...

I am so happy you made the trip!! It was just WONDERFUL to have you three here!! Maybe next time Steve will make it also!