Hailey is 3!!

Hailey turned 3 on July 14th!!!  How did this happen?  She had a really fun and special weekend.  Her birthday fell on a Saturday this year - that is always perfect.  Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Shannon and Hannah came in on Friday to start the festivities!  To start her birthday the next morning, Grandpa and Tyson went out and got everyone donuts and kolaches.

Donut holes... yumm!

Almost time to leave for the birthday party!

We arrived at Jump N Jungle a little early.  This is Hailey's gift bin.

Two of Hailey's friends have siblings Tyson's age, so we invited them too.  It was nice for Tyson to have friends to play with (although they got a little too rowdy at one point and got in a little spat :))

Took a few pictures of people jumping, this was the best one! Yea Jonah!

Later on, Hailey and her friends tried to play air hockey. That was funny...

I think she's ready to move on to pizza and cake.

Most of the friends that came to celebrate. At least two were in the bathroom at this point.

Eating her pizza at the head of the table

She had a Dora/ Diego cake. This girl is OBSESSED with anything Dora.

Singing happy birthday

Eating her cake - which ended up being chocolate (we always order vanilla since Daddy is allergic to chocolate... bad cake people!!!) She liked it though!

We opened most of her gifts at home. Not enough time to get through all of them during party time.

She got lots of great stuff! This baby comes with "scissors" so you can cut her hair.

Of course Dora gets to ride in the Barbie car! That only makes sense.

We let her request her own dinner... McDonald's it is!  The rest of us got yummy Chinese food.

Being silly before bath time

Grandma read her new books before bed time! Hailey loves books.

Always have to throw in some rough-housing time. Especially since it rained ALL DAY and we couldn't swim! Good thing we didn't have a pool party like we did last year...

Mommy and her Princess
Here's some video from her special day!  I also have video of us singing to her at her party, but it's on our other camera... will need to get that later.


I love how she says "flee".  More posts with her current info (funny sayings, stats etc) coming later!  We love you Hailey!  Happy Birthday!


Courtney Squillante said...

Happy birthday! She's such a cutie!!

Katie said...

Happy birthday Hailey! That's a great picture of you and Hailey!