First day of Kindergarten

Tyson started Kindergarten today!  He's been looking forward to this day for months.  He did so well on his first day! He woke up extra early because he was excited :)

He wanted to do 1,000 things before we left the house. But he was excited, not trying to delay things. Luckily I dropped him off so the timing didn't matter too much. He really wanted me to tie this balloon for him before we left, even though he left it in my car. (?) Cute.

Hailey really wanted to be in the picture, so we took one with both kiddos!

In front of his school sign

At his desk - his teacher has gotten rave reviews from neighbors so we're optimistic about everything!

Tyson was so happy to start Kindergarten. He has 4 friends from Primrose (his previous preschool) so we're all excited about that.  He misses those friends! He also has a friend from his current after-school program in his class, so he'll have someone to ride that bus with every day.  Once he gets settled, he'll ride the bus to school in the morning (he really wants to do that NOW), and he'll go to his after-school program for an hour or two until Daddy picks him (and Hailey) up.  Pretty sweet deal and he's really happy.  Among many other positives, he FINALLY doesn't have to deal with nap time.  He hasn't taken one consistently for over 2 years so it's nice to not deal with that time of the day anymore!  (Side note, Mommy did really well and didn't cry. I was actually really happy for him because he's been looking forward to it!)  YEA TYSON!


Jammy said...

He looks so happy and grown-up in his new school! So glad he has a great teacher and friends he knows! Yea!!!!

The Moriarty Family said...

Ohhh my he looks so so cute and handsome. Love the one in front of the sign. The last one is precious. AND I LOL'd at Hailey!!!! What a fun/busy/exciting day for everybody. Glad he did so well (no surprise there, that boy is ready for school!). Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tyson (and Mom and Dad)! It is a big day in his life and we are so glad he handled it so well (we knew he would). Hailey will be there soon, too. Hope to see you soon. Love, Grandpa T.

Aunt Lynn said...

Congrats and way to go, Tyson! Natalie asks about you and Hailey all the time! Way to go, Mommy with not crying!! You won't be able to hold it back when he goes to college tho...crust so you know. ;)

Lynn said...

*crust?! Supposed to be JUST!! Haha! Silly auto correct.