Sea World

We took the kids to Sea World during the first weekend in June.  The goal was to go over a long weekend before school got out. Well... that was the first weekend we could get there with our work schedules.  Oh well, some unlucky districts were still in school but a lot were out.  It was our first family vacation with all 4 of us!

Stocking up on goodies before we headed out of the neighborhood!

Made it to the hotel.  This is where the craziness started.  The kids acted like they'd never been outside of our house before.  They explored every inch of that room and acted pretty crazy any time we were in there!

Since we were in San Antonio, it was really easy to sport our new SPURS gear!  (We do it at home too of course!)  Here we were heading to Cheddars for dinner on our first night.

Hailey was hard at work, making sure she didn't miss any emails.  That night was her first night in a regular bed... she's still in her crib at home because she moves around like crazy while she sleeps.  No difference at the hotel, where Mommy got ONE hour of sleep because I was wrangling a sleeping, but very active Hailey back in the bed all night.  Daddy didn't get much more sleep than that either.

The next day (which also happened to be Steve's birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!), Mommy and Daddy loaded up on caffeine and we headed to Sea World. The day began with dolphin feeding.  That was tons of fun.  Hailey was apprehensive at first but got close enough to see the dolphins (I was holding her in these pics).  Tyson did great.

We saw the sea lion show first.  It seemed just like it was the last time I went (about... 20+ years ago...).  Sea lions are pretty funny and are one of Tyson's favorite stops at the zoo, so we figured it would be a hit.  This pic was actually when the walrus was on stage.

Tyson and Hailey rode their first roller coaster!  The Shamu coaster!  It went around twice because it was so short.  They both LOVED it and were shrieking and giggling the entire time.  We tried to go back later in the day but the line was pretty long.

Next was the Azul show (dolphins, beluga whales, exotic birds, Cirque-du-Soleil style performers).  That was a great show.  Side note, these shows all held Hailey's attention the entire time. That's a first.

Tyson loved this guy, he was hanging around a pizza place where we ate lunch. Hailey wanted no part of it but said if she saw Elmo, she would take a picture with him :)

The kids got tattoos/ face paint.  Out of all the options, including many princess/ fairy/ girly options, Hailey chose a spider!!  We got a kick out of that.  Tyson chose "The Hulk" style face paint.  He was so still while they were doing it that people thought he was asleep.  He got a lot of looks/ comments the rest of the day!

The kids wanted to play on this huge net/ tunnel structure.  Tyson could have stayed in there for hours.  Hailey checked it out, but was worried about the tunnels (it all looked like these nets and she thought she would fall through... there is a tighter-woven safety net right underneath the blue net though.)  So I eventually had to carry her down.

The last show we went to was "One Ocean", aka the Shamu show.  The kids loved this one once it started up.  They actually have 3 killer whales jumping/ splashing in this one now.  We were outside of the splash zone, good thing too because they really nailed everyone who was in it!

We also went to the penguin exhibit, alligator alley and the shark tanks.  It was a busy but very fun day at the park.  The kids were done around 4 or 5, so we headed back to the hotel for a little swimming and Daddy's birthday dinner (Fuddruckers).  Hailey had about had it at that point (no nap) and was not a happy camper during dinner.  Here's Tyson's last face paint picture before we washed it off :)

The next day (Monday), we went to Aquatica.  We all LOVED it.  No waterproof camera so we have no pictures of that day.  At the beginning of the day, Tyson asked if we could go back to the One Ocean show and sit in the splash zone.  It was a good idea since we were all in our swim suits.  But, when it came time to head over there, he was having so much fun that we just stayed in the water park.  The kids rode as many rides that they could height-wise, and loved them all.  They played in the kiddie areas and the wave pool.  The one thing we weren't huge fans of was the lazy river - but we loved the rest of it and we thought it's the best water park we've been to kid-wise so far (no, we have not taken them to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels yet).

I almost forgot... in Aquatica the staff was carrying different exotic animals around for the kids to look at/ pet.  Our kids BOTH held a SNAKE for the first time!  They also loved the exotic birds and saw huge African centipedes (couldn't touch either of those :)).  Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures because these encounters would just randomly happen as you walked around the waterpark.  No camera on hand.

After tons of fun in the sun and water, we packed up and headed back to the car to drive home.  It was a fun, but exhausting trip for Mommy and Daddy!  It took us this long to recover to write about it!  (Ok... maybe not that exhausting)

Here's a video of Hailey entertaining herself while Tyson was getting his face painted :)


Katie said...

Looks like fun. What is it with kids and hotels? My kids are the same way. :)

Courtney Squillante said...

Sounds like so much fun!

The Moriarty Family said...

Like whoa... that looked like a super fun time, even if it was exhausting for Mommy & Daddy, it's ALL worth it!

Aunt Lynn said...

You all sure know how to have fun! Impressive face painting! Love the new blog design, too!

Jammy said...

What a great trip! I have a picture of a little 3yr, old girl,(Ginny) holding a giant snake at the Oakland,CA zoo...like mommy like daughter! Wonderful memories.