Nam's 90th birthday

Nam, my maternal grandmother turned 90 in June!  She wanted just a small family shin-dig so we headed to Jammy and Papa's for an "all-red" party.  That has always been Nam's favorite color by far, so Jammy had the idea to surprise her with everyone in red.  I still remember one summer at the lake, we were driving to get some corn from a fresh fruit/ vegetable stand and she told me she wanted a little red pickup truck.  I always think of her when I see one!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Aunt Chris, Nam, and Mom

Batman, Tyson and Hailey serenading Nam (aka pounding away loudly)

Papa "helping" them play

Helping Nam open her gifts!
Happy Birthday Nam!  Here's to another great year!  It was good to see Aunt Chris for a few hours as well while she was in town for the occasion.  I still think we should have just had dessert for dinner - another one of Nam's favorites!


Jammy said...

Love this! She loved the whole red thing, and really enjoyed herself. Thanks for posting this...I'll make sure she see's it!

Aunt Lynn said...

How great! Nice to see a pic of her as I have not seen her in years. She looks good! You are all beautiful! Love the pic of the kids at the piano...