yard refresh!

I know, you're thinking, really? She's doing a blog post about the yard?  Well, if you know us very well at all, you know that our landscaping has been a HUGE headache/ time taker at this house.  I swear there is some kind of master weed monster under our slab.  No matter what we do, what treatments / prevention methods we try, we continue to have an unreasonable amount of weeds that grow like they're on steroids.  We've both had to take multiple days off of work just to work on it.

So, my wonderful husband decided to schedule one of his crews to come out and rip everything out (mulch and dirt wise, not plants... unless they were WEEDS), put down more preventative, and add new mulch.  To show that we aren't crazy in our assessment of our yard, know that a professional crew had to come and rip everything out TWICE before they could add the treatment and put down the new mulch.  That's right... after one week of being completely pulled out, the weeds were back to their normal hugeness.

So once they were done, I had to take some pictures to preserve that precious moment!  So far it's been behaving better than normal, but we do have a few things popping up.  Hopefully it can stay under control now...

This area is evil... last year I got poison ivy after working in this section... horrible

This is my favorite landscaping when it's cleaned up... love the Lilies of the Nile

This area is affectionately known as the "wild west". One of the two major headaches we've had weed-wise.

This is the other major headache area.  Of course, it's right in the front yard close to the street.

Here's a BIG thank you to Steve for getting this cleaned up, and to hoping it will last and give us more of our limited free time back!


The Moriarty Family said...

Looks fantabulous!!! Hope it behaves so "the limited free time" isn't disturbed too badly. Ya need every bit you can get, that's for sure.

Jammy said...

Looks wonderful!!! I know that feels good. Time to plant flowers!! :)