Team Kansas City

I mentioned a couple months ago in this post that Tyson played soccer again this year after skipping the 4 year old league - this time at the Y.  And... Steve "volunteered" to coach the team.  He didn't have a choice really... but his team ended up undefeated!  There were 12 kids on the team, but I don't think we ever saw 2 of them.  There are 5 players + 1 goalie on the field at a time.  Tyson was one of the kids who rotated in at goalie for a quarter each game.  He was pretty good at it!

 I love this pic, he's really into it in the goal (I know it's small!!!)
At the end of the season we had a team dinner.  Of course every parent wanted to take pictures of the kids so they stood up there for awhile.  You can see the progression of the kids' excitement as the pictures went on (this is my first and last one... haha!)

Coach Steve did a nice talk about each kid, saying what their strengths are and what they improved on, etc.  Save the pic of this kid.  He's a natural.  His parents don't know a thing about soccer and he's the oldest of 4 kids.  He has the ball skills of a high school kid.  And, he's still coachable and has a good attitude.  Hopefully we'll run into him again on another team :)

Tyson, our all-star with his coaches!  At their last game, in the last quarter, a spark just went off in Tyson's head, and he started dominating the game.  He scored an awesome goal in the upper left corner!!  Unfortunately, Hailey and I didn't get to witness it because she was REALLY sick with a stomach bug that morning!  The only game I missed :(

We were proud of Tyson for always having a good attitude, doing well during games, and the last game really got us excited for the fall season.  We knew he had it in him and can't wait to see him have fun playing again next time!  And... it's pretty fun when your team never loses... (oh wait... no one was really keeping score.  I forgot.)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Tyson for a great season. We knew he had it in him, too. It's in his genes. Congratulations to Coach Torno also for stepping up to the plate. It's hard at the time, but the reward is great (someday). Grandpa T.

Aunt Lynn said...

What fun!! Great job Tyson and Coach Daddy!!

Jammy said...

Great pics of Tyson as a goalie! He's into it!! What a fun kid! Glad Steve enjoyed coaching everyone too. Can't beat that record!