Preschool graduation

Tyson graduated from preschool!  We even have professional pictures and some video (sorry... takes me awhile to crank out the videos... much longer process than the pics).  It was a really nice ceremony and we were VERY impressed.  They had the mayor of Pearland give a speech.  I even teared up a couple of times.  You never know what to expect with a bunch of 4-5 year olds!

Before the ceremony - dropping Tyson off with his class

Tyson's class was combined with the other private Pre-K class at his school for this... no, there are not really 50 kids just in his class :)  Tyson is near the middle of the top row, pointing out into the crowd.  There's a space to his right.

There were 3 Primrose schools combined. Each group of kids did their own songs, so there was a lot of switching kids in and out, and it was pretty long all together.  They've been rehearsing this for weeks, maybe even a couple of months.  We were really proud of Tyson because he was really into it, and his teachers said he was an ANGEL the whole time. [Side note, they did a Christmas play in December and Tyson completely froze the whole time]

More of his group doing their performance

Tyson receiving his diploma!  Camera decided not to focus on this one!

As they introduced each child, they read what the child said they wanted to be when they grow up.  The most common answers were doctor, nurse, ballerina/dancer, and princess.  Tyson said that he wanted to be a rock star when he grows up, so he can play the drums.  This was hilarious to us, because it came out of no where.  Apparently he told Jammy and Papa a couple of months ago that his Daddy is a rock star, so maybe that's where it came from!  Ha!

After the ceremony - the proud graduate

This is the best family photo we got - great huh?!

Jammy and Papa were able to make it too!
He's headed to Kindergarten in the fall!  We already registered him at his new elementary school, and he's already getting excited about riding the big yellow bus! [My baby is growing up!]


Jammy said...

We were very impressed with the program! Tyson did a very good job. He's so grown up already!! Can we slow it down a little?!

The Moriarty Family said...

How precious does he look?! Or I guess I should say, handsome :) I can't believe I'm about to have TWO nephews starting kinder! Glad he had a great day-- he'll remember it forever. I still remember my pre-k ceremony :) xxoo