family events montage

In my attempt to catch up, asap, I need to do these "montage" type posts!  So... here are some pics of family events we've had over the past 6 weeks or so!

First up... Jonah's 3rd birthday party!

Sweet Lily got her share of attention during the party too.  She's such a sweetie, who wouldn't want to hold her and kiss those cheeks?!?

 They had an awesome bounce-house, which I apparently didn't get a picture of, probably because I was helping my kids get in/out of it when I was close to it!  Our kids had a blast jumping and also playing in the backyard.

 Birthday boy with his cake!  He had a really happy day.

Next up... my birthday lunch.  I got a bunch of pictures of Hailey "holding" Lily.  That's about it!  She was so excited to hold her.  I think I have video of her singing a song (and mostly Aunt Amber singing it haha), so when I get to the videos I'll have to post that also!

Steve and I got to escape for a weekend to go to a wedding in Boerne, TX while the kiddos stayed with Jammy and Papa.  We now have a crush on Boerne.  Such a cute little town!!  This picture is just further proof to me that I need to do something different with my hair (ewww).

Next up... Nick's birthday!  Can't you tell he's excited to be 31?!?!? 

We got lots of quality play time in with the cousins!  They had a blast.  And I think Tyson has a cousin crush on Lily!  She started smiling at him and he was eating it up.

 Over the first part of Memorial Day weekend we went down to Corpus and saw the family for a joint birthday celebration.  Tyson and Caleb got to spend almost all of Saturday together, which was great.  They're 3 months apart and already seem well on the way to being "best cousins."

Tyson had a lot of fun swimming on Saturday afternoon!  Thanks Uncle Shane!

Hailey spent most of Saturday with this pencil and pad in her hand, writing away!  She loved finding cubby holes to hide in.

On Monday, I did the Memorial Day "Murph" workout again at the gym.  Today, I can't straighten my arms or really lift them above shoulder level, but I still plan on doing this every year that I can make it.  It's tough, but I try to think about the people who have fought and died for our country while I'm doing it!

Ok... now I'm almost caught up!


Jammy said...

Great job catching us up on everything! Fun to see all the pics!

The Moriarty Family said...

Glad I'm not the only one who needs to catch up with posts! It's hard with two kids! You look tan and beautimous in your Boerne weekend pic! xxoo