spring fling 2012

After Tyson's second soccer game, we headed over to Primrose for their annual Spring Fling carnival with Grandma and Grandpa.  Tyson got to ride the ponies twice!  Hailey was a little unsure about them and decided to take an extra train ride instead.

Riding the train with Grandma and Grandpa

They both got their hair sprayed and got to play some carnival games!
Tyson also got to dunk the school director in the dunking booth and got a huge kick out of that.  Hailey's little dance class had a showcase but unfortunately it was at the same time as the soccer game.  She got to sneak in for a few minutes on an older class's showcase while we were there though (Ms. Crystal waved her on to come in).  We were only there for an hour but it was just long enough... it was hot that day and we were all ready for lunch!!

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The Moriarty Family said...

oooooh how fun! I love that they get to do this every year-- especially the dunking thing, I bet T-man loved that :) Love the last photo!