soccer 2012

Tyson asked us a few months ago if he could play soccer this year.  We tried 3 year old soccer and it was a disaster... largely because the league was so bad.  So we took a year off last year.  This time we tried the YMCA after some good feedback from neighbors.  Steve took him to their first practice, where they found out the team didn't have a coach yet.  They asked for volunteers and... [crickets]... Steve ended up volunteering.  Go team Kansas City!!
The kids take turns playing goalie each quarter - Tyson's turn!

Here he is doing a corner kick
I mostly take short videos during the games but until I have a good one of Tyson either scoring a goal or blocking one, I'll hold out on those :)

Tyson has been lucky, Jammy and Papa caught part of the first game and Grandma and Grandpa came to the second one!  Lots of fans to cheer him on!

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