park break!

On one of the [rare] perfect weekend weather days we get each year, we took the kids to a local park.

 It's nice because this year Hailey is old enough to play around on the equipment without us having to worry she will fall off the edge every time she moves.  She loved swinging from these rings.

 Tyson wanted to practice dribbling the soccer ball before his practices started (more on that later!)

 Loooove the pictures on either side of this sentence.

Hailey got to swing on the "big kid" swings for the first time!!  Last year she had no concept of hanging on to the chains.  This year she picked it up right away!  Still a little leery of her remembering to hold on, but she did great and loved it.  We reallllly have to take advantage of the nice weather before it gets nasty hot (very soon this year unfortunately)...


Aunt Lynn said...

Awesome fun times! In Chicago, we already have green grass, leaves coming out on trees, flowers shooting up... typically we still have lots of snow! I am wondering what our summer will be like. Still not as hot as yours, no doubt! (I hope)
Your kids are darling... love looking at the pics and hearing about your fam!

Jammy said...

Great pics. Looks like a nice park. Uhmmm... we may have given Hailey a warm-up on the swing at our park the last time they were here! :) She's a natural on everything!!!