a new niece!!

Ok, so I've kind of stopped blogging lately.  Mostly, Apple is to blame for this.  Since I was given an iPhone and iPad for work, Steve and I have both discovered apps, games, etc, and we actually play each other at night in our little bit of free time. Yeah, I know... n00bs.  And, I also take a good amount of pics and video on the iPhone and haven't downloaded any of them yet.  I will try to get better at blogging again.  Anyways, on to MUCH more interesting topics...

On February 1, we got a new niece!!! Liliana Mae Moriarty was born!  Luckily she has had a much easier entrance into the world than her big brother Jonah (funny... same way with our kiddos).  I was able to visit her and her Mommy while they were still in the hospital (ignore the BAD HAIR DAY and just look at the adorable baby), and Steve and our kiddos got to meet her a couple of weeks later at Jammy's birthday lunch!

We are really excited to have another niece and can't wait to get to know her!  We love you Lily!


Melissa said...

She is a cutie pie! I've only seen her once and she was itty bitty but still adorable. Also there is a Blogger app for your phone. It's awesome and easy. Look it up and you'll be blogging once again.

The Moriarty Family said...

LOVE those two pics! I'm sooooo happy that Lily has Hailey as her only girl cousin ;) Glad you are blogging again so I can stalk you!!