Body no

I remembered the other thing Hailey says "incorrectly". Especially when she's going to bed, she goes through a list of things she's worried about: "body no touch my lovey. Body no touch my mommy. Body no touch my Dora puzzle. There's no animals by my bed." so I reassure her that all of those things are correct and shut her door. I'm going to try to record this and put it on here. She also gets a story every night and after it's over, she repeats her favorite parts back to me. Lately she wants Swiper to be in all her stories. A few weeks ago she wanted someone to be in time out in each story. Tyson has started a new trend of complimenting me. My favorite is when he says "Mommy you make good choices." but he also tells me I look beautiful if I do my hair differently or if I'm more dressed up than normal. Such a sweet kid! I don't think I've turned on the camera since Christmas. Need to get back in that habit!

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Aunt Lynn said...

Very sweet! BOTH of them! What fun days! What does Hailey mean when she says those things? She doesn't want anything touching her while she sleeps? You can always blame Grammy for that - ;) she started all the sensory stuff in this fam! hee hee