Tyson is 5!

Our sweet, loving first-born turned 5 today!  In many ways I am happy for him, because he's been telling people he's 5 for a couple of months now, he's very excited, and it's FUN to spoil him with parties and gifts.  But in other ways of course it's a little sad that our first baby is another year older. Memories came flashing back of his "birth"day.  The difficulty that both he and I had during delivery.  The uncertainty about the first few days in the hospital.  The overwhelming feeling of gratefulness that our baby ended up being just fine and healthy.  The joy of holding him in the NICU and how little sleep we got those first few days - I did NOT want to be in my hospital room without him! [And we do realize that people go through MUCH worse than that!]

Tyson is such a sweet, caring, loving, good boy.  He is all boy.  He still says a few things "incorrectly" - he asks us to "transform" the TV (fast-forward), he still says "movie beefeater" for movie theater, and still says "y" for "l"'s.  He really wants to be nice to his little sister, but she knows how to push his buttons.  He's a great hugger, sharer, and gives sweet kisses on your cheek.  He's still the cutest boy I've ever seen.  There are multiple girls in his class that claim they are going to marry him.

What else can I say that won't make you throw up? :)  We are in love with this kid, so proud of him, and can't wait to see what the future holds for him.  Happy Birthday Tyson Noble.  We love you more than we can say.


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Tyson!

Courtney Squillante said...

I can't believe he's 5!!! Happy birthday Tyson!!!

The Moriarty Family said...

Seriously crazy to think he is a whole FIVE years old. Really?! Had so much fun at the zoo!! Happy Birthday, T! xxoo