Santa visit

Some of you may remember our previous Santa visits - they have usually ended up in at least one kid screaming and clawing away from Santa.  Finally, we had a happy Santa visit!  This year we went to Bass Pro and it was by far our favorite set-up.  Plenty to do while waiting in line (creative advertising).

 The first one is me kneeling down with our camera (yes they allow this...) and the second one is the "real" picture.  Yes, I took a picture of a picture, what can you do.  Tyson asked Santa for a watch and Hailey asked for Dora!  We'll see if Santa can deliver that!

Afterwards we checked out the fish tank and they got a close-up of a fish!  Merry Christmas!


Aunt Lynn said...

love it! Your picture was much better than the "real picture". Your kids are soooo cute!

Courtney Squillante said...