roarrring birthday party

Roarrrr!  We had Tyson's 5th birthday party at the zoo again.  We loved it last year so we decided to go for it again.  Just like last year, we got very lucky with the weather.  Sunny and around 65-70 degrees.  Even in Houston, it's a little nerve racking planning an outdoor event in December.

At first, the kids played in the petting zoo and the playgrounds around the pavilion.  We don't have any pics of that because we were in the pavilion greeting people.  Thanks to everyone who helped watch our kiddos during that time!  (Cousin Christine took care of Hailey most of the time!)

When the party came back into the pavilion, everyone chowed down on donuts, kolaches and fruit (ok... so hardly anyone touched the fruit tray!)  Then, the kids colored their tails for "pin the tail on the donkey."

They had fun and it went well - Garritt was the big winner (a friend from Tyson's class) - I just realized I didn't get a pic of all the kids together. Lesson learned for next year.

Tyson made his wish, blew out his candles and we ate cake and opened presents!  Then, on to the merry go round and looking at the animals!

We got this wagon the day before the party.  We've always wanted one but never sprang for it until now.  What a life saver.  Hailey could actually pull her big cousins in it.

Papa provided lots of entertainment by racing them around the zoo (lots of screaming and fun)

Glenn got another great shot of Hailey, and I caught both of the kids in the aquarium tunnel (we hadn't been in this part of the zoo in all of our visits before!)

No trip to the zoo is complete without a train ride at the end!  Hailey was the most well-behaved that she's ever been on the train.  It helped that we hardly had to wait to get on for once!  Tyson loved it as usual.

We had a great time and everything went great.  Happy Birthday Tyson!  We love you!

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AuntLynn said...

Great pictures! What a fun time!!! Happy Birthday Tyson!