Merry Christmas 2011

Christmas was with the Moriarty side this year!  We headed to Jammy and Papa's on Christmas Eve morning, and Nick and Amber were already there!  The cousins got to play together, Tyson played with the train (a lot as usual), they got silly with Papa...

... and then we opened presents to/from family members.  I included just a few of the pictures.  Hailey got some new clothes and shoes from Jonah, and immediately had to try on her shoes...

Tyson got a lot of good stuff too.  Of course they got so much that we haven't even played with half of it yet!

Hailey got a set of baby doll necessities - a new stroller, pack and play, high chair and baby chair - huge hit :)
We made and decorated cookies for Santa, getting ready to leave them by the fireplace.

Jammy read The Polar Express and Twas the Night Before Christmas to the kids (an every-year tradition)!

We took the usual couch picture... and then got a little crazy with it.  Any time Steve and Nick get together this is just expected. I have plenty of other crazy pictures I could post, or use for blackmail someday.

Getting the kids settled down for bedtime.  Tyson and Jonah both loved this snow globe.  But where's Hailey?  Oh... sneaking a cookie in the kitchen...

On Christmas morning the kids found their stockings from Santa right by the fireplace.  Tyson got the Polar Express DVD (I think this was his favorite gift) and Hailey got some bracelets (among other things of course)

Santa brought Hailey a Dora doll (as requested) and a Cabbage Patch Kid!  Tyson got a watch (as requested) and a toolbench!  The toolbench is really cool but it only has one project he can do... interest is already waning :(

The kids were good about opening their stuff, then heading off to church.  It was a fun weekend!


Aunt Lynn said...

LOVE these pictures. Wish I coulda been there!

Jammy said...

Thanks for posting your pics, Ginny! Always fun to see. We enjoyed it all so much!

The Moriarty Family said...

I just laughed SO hard looking at the most fabulous couch photo EVER. LOL!!!! The one of H in the kitchen is hilarious! Such a fun day! Miss yall.