happy birthday Papa

Papa turned 60 last weekend! In our card I wrote "60 is the new 40."  Cliche, I know, but it definitely applies to my Dad.  There is no way he is really 60.  He takes really good care of himself and being healthy is part of his lifestyle.

We all got to go to Jammy and Papa's for lunch. We had fun - it had been months since we were all together.  We had so much fun I hardly took any pictures, as usual!  The kids played trains and puzzles, and after lunch we headed to the park.  That was great for Hailey and Jonah, but Tyson and Caleb ran into a bully who quickly ruined their experience, so we only stayed about 10 minutes.  The kids were over tired by that point anyway!

Some of our attempts at pictures with the kids!  Amber may have some better ones!  Happy 60th Dad, here's to many more years!

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Lynn said...

haha! Nice pics! I see the cousins and Jammy, but who is that gorilla on the sofa? That hairy guy cannot really be your Dad, right?