Halloween 2011

Halloween festivities actually started on Friday for the kids - they had their party at school.  It continued on Sunday afternoon with pumpkin carving.  Here we were in the morning... (had to get a pic of Hailey in her Halloween shirt and tights... and Tyson's awesome shirt that needs no explanation ;)

Tyson made some candy corn designs while mommy and daddy were taking it easy for a few minutes after the Texans game...
... and here are our pumpkins, with faces designed by Tyson (they are both SCARY faces)...

The rest are all from tonight!  Here's our little ladybug and our big werewolf!!!

She thought I was taking her candy!

Trick or Treat!
The loot... and our jack-o-lanterns in action!

Live action trick-or-treating!  It was definitely the easiest and most fun year we've had with them so far.  I'm sure that has something to do with neither of them being a baby anymore. The weather cooperated nicely and was around 70 degrees.  Now I'm really looking forward to next year!!  Happy Halloween!


Lynn said...

Such cute kids wearing such cute costumes! What fun!

The Moriarty Family said...

GREAT pictures! T looked awesome and little ladybug was adorable! I love the first pic :)